6 More classes…Well 2 Now

Disclaimer: This post is from last semester when I signed up for the classes I’m currently enrolled in.

Where do I begin? Today I met with my advisor for classes for next semester. After the last time we had this meeting the outcome was not good at all! I wasn’t sure what classes were needed since I thought I two more years left.

image via: Tumblr image via: Tumblr

I go in with a list of classes that seem like they would be pretty interesting. I had finally come to terms with having to be at school longer then I thought. As soon as I walked in he basically told me I only need 6 more classes and I’d be done!

Dear sweet lord baby Jesus thank you! I was so happy I didn’t know what to think. I was just so relieved a huge weight literally just disappeared. Of course they can’t all be taken in one semester. Which I didn’t mind after hearing only 6 more classes. I’m about to be a college graduate with a bachelor’s degree!!!

My heart my body everything just feels so light and wonderful again and I can’t wait to start next semester. But I will take a summer vacation first.

image via: Tumblr image via: Tumblr

Woot woot go me.


Ashley 🙂

Next week I’ll post the original post where I thought my life was over. It’s so hilarious now thinking about it since hearing this great news. 

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