My very first blog post

This is the original post I mentioned in the last weeks blog post.

Well it is 2015 already! I thought that I would be graduating at the end of this semester. But that didn’t happen. I went back to college thinking I only had a couple years left to go. That has not been the case.  I’ve never really been an overachiever. I’m good at things and I’m happy with that. But when I found out that while I have enough credits to be called a SENIOR I can’t actually graduate in the spring!

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 Why? Because I don’t have enough to be have my BA. I don’t even want to tell you how frustrated, flustered, and pissed off I was when my advisor told me that. I felt bad because I think I snapped at him. But I actually think he’s cool as shit! Sorry Prof. seriously



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 While I’m taking a full load this year just 12 hrs (still full-time). I still work and am doing an internship…because I thought I was way closer to done then I am. Silly me. Ha Haaaa. 2015 is shaping up to be a crazy year already. I can’t wait for more.

 Update: After having read this is find it so funny. I seriously thought was almost done. I totally forgot that I had changed my major. Dropped a semester and just worked when my father passed away. So that would be why I was a year off. It was my own damn fault. Though I do have enough credits to be a SUPER senior. Nothing is ever easy and this is just another thing in my life that showed it. MATURITY!!!!

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