Housekeeping Stigma

I recently watched a snap from one of my favorite beauty guru’s. In it she talked about her experience on vacation and her stay at a hotel. She realized that some of her makeup was missing and she didn’t want to assume that it was stolen by the housekeeping staff. But, that was the only logical explanation after calling the hotel and asking them if they would check the room. They basically told her no.

Image Via: Tumblr Image Via: Tumblr

I have a position right now as a housekeeper at Gervasi Vineyard. While I know this is not a permanent job for me. Just a way to make some extra money while I’m in school. I find that her opinion is what a lot of people like to think about housekeepers. That they are poor, nosey, sneaky, thieves and uneducated. While I’m sure that there are housekeepers like that. There are also people in other jobs that are just the same. The people that I work with have none of those adjectives. They are all hard workers who take pride in what they do.

The position of a housekeeper is hard enough without the stigma that you take time out of working to go through people’s belongings. I personally hold myself to a higher standard and I think a lot of others do too. But I understand that people can feel that way. I myself put away things that I find important to me while I’m away, or in the safe when I’m staying in a hotel. But makeup that was a petty move!

I just want people to understand that not all housekeepers want to steal things from you. Hell I’m happy when you remember to take everything. It’s less paperwork for me at the end of the day. But trust if you leave anything we keep it for you for 30+ days. After that when we clean out the lost and found its fair game to employees, and the rest is given to the goodwill. Also, if you leave anything if you call and ask they will go and check for you.

Image via: Google Image via: Google

*****Plus don’t be RUDE to the housekeeping because you think you’re better than them*****

revived post originally written  in July or Aug


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