Quotes I Love #1

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I recently posted this quote on my Instagram and it really got me thinking about the standards that I hold people to. Rather people know it or not I feel that it can affect our relationships. I try to keep my judgement toward people low because I wouldn’t really want someone to do that to me. But after you get to know people, and you realize how great they are, and the potential that they possess it makes you automatically start making standards that you think they should hold themselves at. Just because of how you see them.

While I see this as a positive because you could be the person to help them find these traits that they never thought they had, and maybe in turn help them to grow to become something amazing. It can also be detrimental because what you want for someone and the potential that you see for growth is not at all what they want out of their life.

So the quote goes that’s where the disconnection starts when your advice starts to hold this person to what you believe is your standard it can truly change the nature of your relationship sometimes for good. But, for the most part I think it would be negative when you see and hear them tell you things that you don’t agree with it.  It causes a change of how you see them, and it might not be as positively as it was before you formed these said principles they never even asked for. It could easily cause resentment. Which a friendship should never have unless it’s by some unforgivable action. I relationship should not end because of what you thought that person should have been doing. Unless of course it’s highly risky behavior. Like trying out heroine and things of that nature.

This quote helps you to remember that people are human and they aren’t all the same. We all have different goals in life. You can’t press your beliefs on someone who didn’t want them in the first place. If someone is you’re friend you love and care for them because of who they are. Yes give them advice when you think something is going to be dangerous or life threatening. But it’s their life, they are going to choose what they want to do. You just have to love them, listen to them, and help them. Especially, when they don’t really want it. But don’t try to form them into what you think they should be.

After finding this quote I try to think about this when I feel like I’m being to judgmental. It’s helping me to actually think about things before I speak and think more about how that person might be feeling. Not how I think they should particularly be acting. Most of us all have parents we don’t need our friends to be one all the time either.


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