“Are we exclusive?”

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You know what I think could solve a lot of problems for people in relationships. Communication! Such a novel concept right? Especially in the beginning of the relationship. I know that’s the best part of the most relationships, and you think the person you’re talking to is wonderful and perfect. But just take a step back and always remember…no one is perfect.

Image Via: memegenerator.net Image Via: memegenerator.net

While you feel like you’re in an exclusive relationship because you only have eyes for that one person and are being monogamous, that can often times not be the case. Trust me I’ve been the optimistic romantic. I still consider myself one. But I like to fix any future hiccups as soon as possible so me and my man can spend more time just getting to know each other. But when I was naive I felt that just because we were happy and spend most of our time together, that’s we were seeing only each other. I never asked the simple question of “Are we exclusive?”

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An unpretentious enough question especially if you are seeing someone that you consider yourself having serious feelings for. Why should you be embarrassed? You two have probably done more embarrassing things behind closed doors. ** Wink wink nudge nudge. ** Save yourself from having egg on your face.

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Just ask the question that usually goes unanswered, and can save the results of broken hearts, anger and resentment. Just be prepared that you might not like the answer that you get. From there you can mutually say your relationship is exclusive and bask in the glow of knowing 100% that you’re in a fully committed relationship or chose some other options.




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