Romance Your Damn Self

Romance your damn self

When I read this quote I instantly fell in love with it. I’ve watched a lot of my friends and family jump from relationship to relationship. Which is perfectly fine. Your life do what you want. But, personally I always like to reflect. Think about what I did that it didn’t work out, and take the time to refocus. When I first started dating I sometimes felt like I lost a part of myself. It’s not a bad thing but sometimes it can be. I spend so much time trying to please and make my significant other happy that I forgot about the things that I like to do. Especially if it’s something I like to do by myself, or with my friends.

This quote makes it about finding things that you like to do for your own well-being. Like buying flower, jewelry, going to the movies or out to eat. Things traditionally that a significant other should get or do for them. From my experience of doing these things for myself. I think it sets a precedent for any guy you date. That tells them you expect to be treated in a particular way. 

Going back to what I mentioned about jumping from relationship to relationship. By taking a dating breather and reflecting, it can give time to reveal any pattern that you might not have noticed. Thus, saving you the same mistake for the next relationship.

Taking the time to get to know yourself. Helps with finding out more things that you may not know you had interested in. Picking that new interest up, it gives you the opportunity to meet new people, maybe even a future partner. But, mostly you learn more about yourself.

Learning more about yourself offers the chance to add more to personal relationships and romantic ones as well. Most importantly at least to me is the chance to fall more in love with yourself.

Does this quote say anything to you? If so leave your comments below. I’d love to know.



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