Getting Perspective

A few months ago a friend posted this video on their Facebook. After watching it I feel in love with the vlogger Zach Anner┬áhe is so optimistic and has such a great perspective on life in general. I made a vow for the next week that every morning I woke up I would watch this video before I got out of bed. It really gave me a new view on the thing in my life at the time. It’s like a video version of don’t sweat the small stuff. Just watching Zach is so inspiring that it make you want to make more positive changes in your life. After seeing it posted again I’m challenging myself to again to watch it. Not because I’m not happy with my life right now. But, because, i want to appreciate it more. I’m also going to challenge you to do this as well. Just watch this video by Zach for a week and leave a comment below. Did you become inspired to change something? To love your life more? Also check out more videos by Zach by clicking the link above.



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