Hit me Henna one more time!

I’ve used Henna in the past. but it wasn’t the most purest form. I picked it up from Sally’s Beauty Supply and it worked pretty well but I think it was a really manufactured version. Plus, the one box was definitely not enough for my dense natural hair. Here’s the link to the original post I made about my first time using henna.  

Image via: www.thefitindian.com

Image via: www.thefitindian.com

So I did more research on brands that were more potent and came in larger quantities. I want to get a burgundy wine color. Since I box dyed my hair a similar color about a 8 months ago. My ends are lighter from the box dyed that I used and I have a lot of new growth. I’m hoping that it will do an ombre red color from my roots to my tips. Kinda like the picture below. 

The brand that I plan on using is Avigal Henna which comes in a number of different colors including Hazel, topaz, champagne, cognac, Strawberry blonde, mahogany, brown, red, copper, auburn, burgundy, and black. I’m pretty excited about trying it out again. Here’s a little snap chat video I made, of all the ingredients that I used. Which includes tea tree oil, good for your scalp. Organic lemon juice to brighten the color. Coconut oil to moisturize the hair. Aloe vera juice to give the hair shine. 


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When I made my mix I used way to much henna. So I’ll know next time to use half that amount. I did pile all of it on my head though (waste not, want not). Probably why my hair was dry.  Below are the results after a few days. I had to do a few co-washes to make sure I removed all the particles from my hair.  I know the color is gradually but I was expecting a better color pay off.  Next time I’m going to use green tea to bring out the color more. When I’m in the light you can see the color a lot better. Even after the multiple co-washes my hair didn’t have as much shrinkage which I love! I’m do a deep conditioning this coming weekend and I’m hoping to get even better results with shine. So far so good. I’m definitely going to be continue using henna. Though the results aren’t exactly what I wanted I’m happy with it overall.  Have you tried using Henna before? Do you plan on continuing to use it? What were your experinces? 

Here’s a great article for more information. This website has a lot of information about henna in general. Also some youtube videos.

All products were purchased with my own money. I was not paid to review or talk about any of these products. All amazon links are affiliate links. 





**Amazon links are affiliate links**

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