My First Glam Vox Box *Sponsored*

A few months ago  was invited to join influenster. A community of social media aficionados who share reviews, and news about upcoming products and recently released items. I was really excited because while I love reading and seeing all the new products from things I find interesting (movies, food, make-up, skincare, candy, electronics) I don’t have the disposable income like others to keep up to date with all the newest and the latest. So I jumped at the change to join a community of other people who are also bloggers, vloggers, and everyday items reviewers. So after a doing the initial set-up of my account and reviewing items that I’ve used or were currently using. I was finally set a box of goodies to review last week. 

The Items that I received were:

  • Venus razor
  • Venus with a touch of Olay Vanilla Cashmere Shave Gel
  • Cutex Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover Pads
  • Not Your Mother’s – Dry shampoo
  • Q-tips- on the go
  • Shea Moisture – Cleanse, Treat, Moisturize

I did receive all of these items from influenster for free for me to review and test. 


Venus Products #choosetosmooth 

I already like the razor because it was my favorite color! I didn’t think that the metal roller ball would make that much of a difference and I really just considered it a gimmick. But It actually saved me a lot of time shaving my legs. I usually have to to a spot treatment over the areas that  missed because the quattro razor I was using didn’t rotate over the curves of my legs. 

The shaving Gel smelled great and was also purple so a plus for that. I used the regular amount I would use for my silk shaving creme and it was way to much for one area but I was able to use it on all the major areas I wanted to touch up with a lot of excess. so that’s great. I’ll be using this travel size for a long time. 

Cutex Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover Pads #cutex #healthynails

I actually didn’t get to try this product out but will in the future. I haven’t been able to paint my nails this month. 

Not Your Mother’s – Dry Shampoo #NYMcleanfreak

I didn’t not get to try this product out either. I don’t plan on straightening my hair until I graduate in May. I’m sure I’ll definitely need a dry shampoo to keep the sweet off my scalp and have my hair revert back to kinky. 

Q-tips On The Go #qtips

I was really happy to get this like on the go container becuase I was going on spring break in a couple days and this saved me putting a handful of q-tips in a ziplock bag. Plus I could also use the container after it was empty to refill and use again. Along with the size it’s pretty easy to store anywhere not just for when traveling but also a purse, car, book bag, locker, or gymbag. 

Shea Moisture – Cleanse, Treat, Moisturize #sheamoisture #abetterwaytobeautiful #winterskin

I have been wanting to try out a line of their skincare products but I still have a least 4 more months of Pro-Activ products to use. But I brought these with me to try on vacation. I have only used the skincare items and none of the other items. But from that I really am interested in trying this particular line after I finish with my Pro-Activ. I smells delicious probably from the frankincense and mrryth. It is really creamy and moisturizing. My skin felt clean but not Sahara dessert don’t smile and rip your skin dry, and clean.  It also had an exfoliate that is also very soft and you can’t even feel it exfoliating your skin.  



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