Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Review!

I went to Columbus for my Spring Break and actually had the opportunity to visit Lush. I usually watch a lot of Beauty Vloggers and would see this company talked about all the time. I think that their bath bombs are beautiful and would love to try some out one day. But, since we don’t have a tub anymore, maybe when I get my own place in a few months, I’ll think about purchasing one then. The store wasn’t very big which didn’t bother me. It wasn’t that busy at the time. But I’ll warn you that if you have allergic reactions to strong scents you won’t be able to be in the store for very long, or if at all. My mom had to stand outside while I poked around. I ended up buying two things and getting a sample. 

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics “Is a company that believes in making effective products from fresh organic fruit, vegetables and finest essential oils along with safe synthetics. They invent their own products and fragrances by using little or no preservatives.” (Lush’s Website Our Story page)

Mask of Magnaminty (Face and Body Mask) – “Makes dirt a distant memory: Mask of Magnaminty isn’t technically a daily ‘facial mask’ it’s actually a deep cleansing face and back mask. “(exert from Lush Product Description)  

I have only used it twice but the next couple days my skin produced less oil and has a great glow that I’m really starting to enjoy. It exfoliates as well but is very gently similarly to the Shea Moisture Facial Cleanse that I used recently. It smells great if you love the smell of peppermint. When you apply it to your skin it also has a cool sensation that I also enjoyed.  I’ll definately be repurchasing this item when it runs out! 

Bubble Gum (lip scrub) – “exfoliates lips smooth, prepping them for your favorite lip color or balm. A blend of exfoliating fair trade sugar and moisturizing jojoba oil,” (exert from Lush Product description) 

I’ve made my own lip scrubs before with regular sugar and coconut oil. Which is a great alternative and is also effective as well. But the sugar pieces are bigger and are more abrasive. This scrub has smaller sugar particles and it less runny than the homemade ones that I’ve mixed up. It’s a bit more dry, and is less abrasive it also tastes delicious almost exactly like bubble gum. The smell is not as appealing as the mask it smells good. Just not a natural scent.

Dark Angels (facial wash) – “Black sugar and charcoal gently exfoliate and absorb excess oil to leave dull, oily, or acne-prone skin feeling fresh and matte.” (exert from Lush product description)  

This was a little messy and it has a earthy smell. Which I didn’t mind. I found it be pretty gritty and rough on my skin. Which by no means is sensitive. Overall, I found it to be okay. I’ll continue to use it and maybe like it better. The first two uses though, I wasn’t that impressed. Using my Clarisonic Mia 2 with it that might be why I found it to be to harsh. I’ll remember to not use those two in conjunction. Plus, it made my brush bristles black and it didn’t wash out after rinsing it multiple times. 

Overall I was really happy with the few products that I picked up. I’m definitely interested in trying out more from them in the future. Even the overall experience in the store and customer service was great. Along with having a great eco-friendly take on skin, body and the environment. Lush being cruelty-free this seems like a pretty great company.  I wonder if they are looking for someone to fill a public relations position…hmmm. Ha ha anyway. Have you tired any lush products? Which ones would you recommend? Which are your favorites? 


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