One Makeup Palette A Month (May Wk4)

I was really excited to try this little goal for myself. But After Trying to wear makeup earlier this week. As soon as I put it on I wanted to take it off.  It looked absolutely  disgusting only because my face has been breaking out. progressively getting worse and worse  and it looks ugly. My foundation just empathizes it more. I can deal with one pimple. Just make a beauty mark out of it with an eye or lip pencil. (make sure to light the pencil on fire with a lighter just encase there is bacteria on it afterward) 

I no like!!

I no like!!

Look at this SHIT!!

Look at this SHIT!!

So I’m going to put a pause on This make up series until I get this mess situated. I think It may be from my Proactiv. my face loves a product for about a year or so and then just goes haywire. Or it could of been using coconut oil as a makeup remover. I heard for some people it can cause your face to breakout. But i washed my face with my regular face wash afterward. So who knows. I’m just going to stay away from both of them for a Month and see how it goes.

I love makeup but I don’t like wearing it when my skin is haywire. Which is happening now. So I want to apologize to the great people who enjoyed reading that initial post, and seeing what ideas I came up with. Having your skin together is the most important step in makeup. I’m all for loving yourself but when my skin looks gross. All cards are off the table.

I’ve been using the dark angels face wash from lush that was a sample. And my face is looking better already.  I’m thinking of trying a Neutrogena product That has gotten great reviews. It’s called Neutrogena Deep Clean and it’s way cheaper than my Proactiv.

 home girl is gonna start needing to budget her money more since I’m moving in a month. I’ll talk about that when I actually move. I’m pretty damn excited about it! 

edit – I actually ended up picking up Garnier Skin Active Clean+ skin control cleansing gel. The skin control got me because it’s something that i’m forever battling having oily skin. I’ll do a review on that after I use it for a few weeks. 

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