I’m Tired

I’m tired of seeing the people who are suppose to be held at the utmost respect abusing it, and getting away with murder in the name of ignorant beliefs.

I’m tired of people who murder unarmed children. Even getting the chance to sell the murder weapon on ebay to display it proudly like a badge of honor. No one should be proud of taking an innocent child’s life.

I’m tired of women being beaten an killed for a simple traffic violation.  

I’m tired of people who love to throw around freedom of speech and equality like it really is equal for everyone. Open your eyes you can’t play dumb anymore. Some people’s lives are as equal to dirt on the bottom of your shoe.

I’m tired of racist groups funding the unredeemable pieces of shit who thinks it’s okay to kill someone, because, they made a simple mistake, that equals to taking their life.

Most of all I’m tired of wondering when will it happen to me. Because my education, and background can’t change that I could be killed for looking how I do. 

Black lives matter s just like everyone else. But saying all lives matter is condensing to those who live in fear.

And to all those people who signed that petition for Jesse Williams. Eat a dick and get over your privilege.  Your probably the same people who are keeping that racist piece of shit Trump in the running for president. If he does become president wait for your little bit of power to disappear too. Let’s see how quickly you become tired too.

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