I’m Just Going To Wig Out For A Bit

Wigs are a girls best friend. I don’t know when this stigma started that it was ghetto or that people who wear them don’t have hair. I along with many women have plenty of hair. But sometimes I don’t wanna do that shit!. That is when the wonderful wig comes into play. But back to my original statement. Why are they a girls best friend? Well Let me tell you a few reasons why I think they are.

When your alter ego wants to play (image via: https://www.pinterest.com/boobees444/shans/)  

When your alter ego wants to play (image via: https://www.pinterest.com/boobees444/shans/)  

It’s easy to look put together without the hassle of styling your own hair. You just slap that baby on and its already coiffed to perfection. 

You can try out different hair styles without worrying when your hair will grow back or when it does there’s not awkward stage. Want your hair to be short today? Viola a wig can do that for you. Without losing any of your own hair length.  As well as different hair textures. Straight. wavy, curly, kinky. Trust me they have a wig like it somewhere. 

Yass girl get it! (image via: http://www.memes.com/img/89962)

Yass girl get it! (image via: http://www.memes.com/img/89962)

Want to try out all the new fashion colors. But don’t want to put all the stress on your own locks. A wig…BOOM! Your a beautiful rainbow colored unicorn. No worry about the hair bleaching, striping, and maintenance. Girl, those roots will never grow out. That color won’t fade. 

Being a natural girl this is a great way to achieve a protective style. Which if you didn’t know. Protective styles are a way to protect your hair so that it can be protected from breakage and environmental damage. (sun, cold) 

Get yourself one! (image via: http://www.memegen.com/meme/rtyy2f)

Get yourself one! (image via: http://www.memegen.com/meme/rtyy2f)

I have been a wig lover since I started my natural hair journey. I have a little collection that I started that I’ll post below. But I first wanted to talk about this wig that I was given the opportunity to try out. I was emailed by the maker or the person selling it that I had saved in my wishlist on amazon. They gave me a promo code and just asked that I give the wig a review on Amazon. Done!! I ordered it on a Monday or Tuesday and had it before the weekend came. I should tell you that I am a Amazon Prime member. So, I do received 2 day shipping on many things sold on the website. That wig was one of them because the order said I wouldn’t get it until last week actually.(7/18/16) 

I was in the middle of moving when I ordered this. Since I finally have internet and have my place somewhat decent looking I was finally able to write a blog post about it. Oh and to finish my Amazon review because I said I would post pictures. 

I was really happy with the way that it looked when I came. The pictures of Amazon made it seem like it wold be super long. It is long, but it’s not as long as pictured. That was the only thing I have a complaint about. But, it not really a complaint because I was happy it wasn’t that long. The wig was priced low and it was not the same quality as some of the ones that I have. So it looks a little overly shiny like some lower priced wigs can look. But a few spritz of rubbing alcohol will fix that. So not really an issue either.  The price of this wig is really great it you do want to try one out.It’s a reasonable price to pay before throwing down a lot of money on a high quality one and then not liking it.


I will definitely be picking up some more wigs from Amazon promo codes or not. On another not I’m happy to be able to start writing again. Hope you had a great weekend. Check out my gallery of the girls (my wigs) below.


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