The Old Rusty Muffler (Life after Graduation)

A little over a month ago, I was following this old beat up car. It was just puttering down the road. I was probably listening to Shura and being introspective after a night of partying with friends. Slightly celebrating my freedom of having my face shoved in books I didn’t want to read, and pages of papers I was so over before I even started writing them. This old beat up car was like a beacon to me. That old rusty muffler hanging on by the skin of it’s teeth. I felt like I could relate. Having been so stressed the last semester of school, working two jobs, and going to school full time. I was like that muffler hanging on by the skin of my teeth. There was a lot of shit going on and I was for the most part over all of it.  Thought I knew I had to care enough to finish. I’m not trying to sound cool. I literally wanted to hurry up and walk across the stage turn into a bird and fly away to a new place. While it’s never that easy to just pick up and go anywhere like birds and other animals and creatures that are nomadic. I wanted to get away from it all. The school work the working all the time. The house that I lived where I stayed with my mom. I like everybody in life toughed it out. 

Like that old rusty muffler I had been through a long journey to get to that final end point. Walking across that damn stage and getting my degree. Which it’s August granted the beginning of the month and I still haven’t gotten my degree. I’m kinda starting to feel like I’ve gotten punk’d. Besides the shitty job opportunities. Not that I don’t like my new job. It pays more than the two I had while I was in school. But, the dream bubble was quickly destroyed when I was looking for a career while I was in my last semester. Since I’ve been wanting to move even before I graduated I shouldn’t be too upset. I definitely see why college students feel like getting a degree is a waste of money and time. That old rusty muffler feeling.  My only saving grace is I didn’t have to pay for this second college experience. Unlike, the fora when I wanted to be a video game designer. That I just starting paying on last month. Thank god back then I was frugal about getting school loans. Because anyone whose gone to technical college or a traditional college. Sally Mae….that bitch don’t play!!

Meme via:

Meme via:

But, back to that night I really admired that muffler. How strong was this piece of material that it could continually continue to be eaten away by the elements yet was still holding on and enduring. Of course one day it won’t be able to hold on . Like that muffler I survived that final semester to accomplish one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. Besides being able to proudly serve in the greatest military in the world. The good old United States Air Force. 

This rusty mufflers next goal is to get back in fighting shape. Because with this presidential election the Apocalypse is coming a lot sooner than anyone is expecting. I need to be in shape to fight for food and water. 



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