I Have Drama Fever

I haven’t been watching movies. But, I have been catching up watching shows I have in my queue on Dramafever. I can’t complain I’ve only watch two show so far and  they bother were great. I even found a new crush. Sorry Vin Diesel!

Choi Siwon

Choi Siwon

The first show that i watched was called “She Was Pretty,” It’s about a girl who used to be rich and lived next to her first love who was short fat and over weight. After he moves away and they are both older. He comes back into town and wants to me up. But the past Kim Hye-jin isn’t as pretty, smart and confident as she used to be. He on the other has it all tall, smart, and no longer overweight. Things get a little crazy when she goes to meet him and sees him walk up to a girl next to him that’s pretty and fashionable. So she talks her best friend into acting like her to meet him. I really enjoyed watching this. I loved the main character she so dramatic that I couldn’t help but to love her. But her first love, he had to grow on me. I thought he was a complete jerk. But it is where I found my crush Choi Si Won! He’s so cute.

The other show “Secret Garden”  I’m finishing up now. He had a little longer season than the other show. Is about a man who falls in love with a stunt woman, He is infatuated with her. But she can’t stand him, his cousin on the other fan, she is his number one fan. After a friendly bet they end up at a restaurant in the woods. Where the owner gives them a handmade flower wine. After they both drink it they end up switching bodies.

I like this drama too. But, I didn’t like how the story line was drawn out and sometimes it got rather boring. I did like that the main actress was a stunt woman. I hated the main character’s mother she was a straight up cee you next tuesday.

Definitely Ji-Won's mother! 

Definitely Ji-Won’s mother! 

It’s crazy when you find out all the mysteries that are talked about in the show thought. I enjoyed see the behind the scenes parts with the stunt people and how much pride they have in their work. Even if they are never recognized.

Don't ask me anything!

Don’t ask me anything!

I would say to check both of them out. If you really don’t like Secret Garden I can totally understand. But I hope you give it a try. Both of these shows have been around for awhile. If you’ve seen either one let me know what you thought. If you have suggestions for any other dramas I should check out leave in the comments. 

Ashley 🙂


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