Dating Chronicles

When was the last time I dated someone? Hmm about two years ago. I had major surgery and the person I was seeing at the time didn’t make to big a deal about calling and checking up on me or even coming to visit me after my surgery. I sure can pick um. Since I’ve finished this leg of my schooling. The next thing I wanted to do was start dating again. It’s time to work on finding myself some love. Not in a desperate type of way because GROSS!

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So earlier this month I decided to try Tinder. A co-worker let me swipe left and right for him and I thought it was pretty fun. Plus one of my best friends tried it and he has meet his fiance. So what are my chances that it might be a pretty good time. I’d say about 50/50. I did read an article though that said guys just swipe right for everyone. Sounds like the same chances in real life. I mean guys usually hit on anyone who looks halfway attractive. I have the same percentage of meeting someone. 

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I have no problems with people trying to do booty calls. I had my two and it was fun. I knew pretty quickly that’s not me. I’m a serial monogamous. I’m either dating someone or I’m enjoying my time to and for myself. I also know that I am a sapiosexual.  But looks don’t hurt either.

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Because of that attraction guys who only want the booty usually don’t stick around that long to have deep conversations. So when I get to know them and ask questions that actually involve having a conversation most hit it and quit it me don’t waste time with that kind of conversation and disappear. Saving me the trouble. Currently ,I’m talking to someone now and it doesn’t seem like it will be going anywhere. Probably more so on my end. I’m use to just going about my business and not texting someone and asking them how they are doing everyday. He seems nice for the most part but we haven’t met face to face or had a deep conversation. I can’t talk on the phone with someone I don’t know yet. I have to have some face to face time first. So we’ll see after that. 

People sometimes see me as asexual because I don’t give off sexual vibes. That’s because I like to save that for the person that I’m dating. When I’m with someone that’s when that all comes out and when I really want to flirt. Which hasn’t been for a very long time. I don’t think I’ve lost my skills. They might be just a little rusty though. 

I think for the most part it’s just that I haven’t seen or met anyone that I’m remotely attracted to. That in itself is the biggest problem with my dating life. That’s why I find no problem being by myself. I’ve gotten this far not settling and I’m happy with my life for the most part. Why muck it all up by forcing a relationship with someone. I want my life to be enhanced not destructive.  



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