For The Love of Skip Beat!

I have become totally obsessed with the anime and drama adapted from the manga Skip Beat. It’s the story of a girl who gives up her education and regular life to support her first loves dream of becoming a famous K-POP artist. Only to find out that she was being used the whole time. This betrayal sets her on a path of vengeance and learning to love herself. Along with discovering what her own dreams are. This was something that I could relate to. I for one was a complete pushover with my first love about almost everything except condoms because I didn’t use birth control at the time and I was more terrified of becoming pregnant than having him be upset about having to use it. But trust if he wants to have sex, his ass will put on a condom.  

Image via: dramafever

Image via: dramafever

Anyway back to Skip Beat!, I love the character of Gong Xi (Drama) Kyoko (Anime) she is so honest, endearing, determined, hilarious, caring and sassy. She is so dramatic and it makes for a great character. That I for one, wouldn’t mind being friends with in real life. She starts out like a complete gullible love sick teenager. But after some trials and tribulations she emerges as a confident up and coming k-drama star. Who ends up stealing two men’s heart., one of course being her ex.

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Image via:

There is one particular scene that I really enjoyed She is working as a actress in her ex’s music video and he gets to use her pent up anger in her performance on him. I love that she does everything that I for one wanted to do at least one ex. All while getting the job done and turning the table on her ex. Who is a complete douche-bag and makes you root for her even more. Especially after you hear the things he says about her, and the way he treated her in general. The perfect villain for this drama.   

Her mentor/love interest is played by my new k-drama crush Si Won. His character at first was a complete ass and I was “Oh hell no, Do you know what my girl has gone through!”  After they hash out their differences though their budding romance is endearing, and sweet. The only bad thing is that right before their relationship even begins the series is over. I haven’t heard anything about them make more of either the drama or anime. They are still making the manga though. So that will be my next step. 

Image Via:

Image Via:

I really enjoyed watch both the drama and anime. I would have to say I like the drama better mostly because of Siwon. He’s so handsome. Though I will warn you that it is totally cheesy. But I enjoy the cheese. If you want to watch this shows here are the links:

Skip Beat! Drama

Skip Beat! Anime

Have you seen Skip Beat!? Are you also disappointed at the news of no sequels? 



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