The Creature Claimed It’s Next Victim – Stranger Things Ep 2

Ok, and on to episode two. It feels kind of strange watching an internet show, like a a regular cable TV show. I actually really missed it. Especially, while I’m edit the posts for the previous week. I’m really excited to see if we will being able to see Will again. I haven’t given up on this astral plain thing quite yet. 

Image Via:  IMDb

Image Via:  IMDb

Ok and don’t forget SPOILERS!!!!! 

Episode Two – “Chapter Two: The Weirdo on Maple Street”


Eleven slow down they are just young men. 

They have to huddle up  just so they can calm the fuck down…because men? I don’t know. It just sounded cool. 

Oh is that birds chirping and heart eye happening with Eleven and Will’s friend. I don’t know any of these little boys names. I have Will down and Mushmouth that’s the other kids identifier. But I don’t know the other two boys names. 

***Grabs phone real quick ——->    his name is Mike Wheeler everyone. If you really wanted to know.

My ass would pause it right before he actuallty says his name. I’m a complete idiot. 

What is Will brother doing. He’s kind of cute. He’s eighteen. I was dancing on the border and I was kinda scared. I had to look it up. His charaater name is Jonathan Beyer and he actor was born in 1994. 

Phone and Sheriff scene at the Byers House

Bitch to do really think, I’m going to take the most bold face lie!!! Saying that phone was burnt the fuck up from a storm, naw son.  That’s my son trying to communicate with me. 

Oh damn you did not have to bring up his alien daughter brought back to life. That was a little too far boo boo.



Is the Sheriff  a pill popper? 



Damn he didn’t have to punch Jonathan in the chest like that. 

Tell him Eleven she saw what happened to the Cook/Restaurant Owner

Okay okay. So is this the same guy from the restaurant. I’m loving his hair. His identifier will be White Fox

I would have assumed they slept together.  Is Will his son too. Just kidding.

Damn Dickheads talking about Jonathan. 

Image via: IMDb Charlie Heaton plays Jonathan

Image via: IMDb Charlie Heaton plays Jonathan

Image via: IMDb Natalia Dyer plays Nancy

Image via: IMDb Natalia Dyer plays Nancy

Mike’s sister makes an appearance (Nancy) 

Damn little dude he broke it down. That’s the whole plan. Lucas

Oh how we have upgraded since 22 inches. You know if he survives and is living somewhere he has the biggest screen TV possible. 

Eleven is smart like the lazy-boy. My dad had one that was pretty amazing too. 

Great Song!!! Should I stay or should I go by The Clash

Aww I really do like Jonathan that was great advice he gave Will

Man I shouldn’t be rude. But, why they have Winona looking ugly. Get that advance girl

Okay okay so dude with the cool white hair is also wearing a MOPP gear suit. 

Will looks familiar to her she must have seen him when they replaced her with him. 

Image via: IMDb plays White Fox or to Eleven Dad

Image via: IMDb plays White Fox or to Eleven Dad

Flashback and the dude with great white hair. He must have brainwashed her into thinking he is her Dad. 

Really they want them to think Benny shot himself. Sheriff can’t possibly believe that especially if he was his friend. 

Eleven used the force on yo ass Lucas

Of course its the mom’s fault even though he hasn’t been in their lives at all. FUCKING DICKHEAD!!

Lol thank you Nancy’s friend. Don’t be so naive Nancy.

That is a new bra, don’t lie. 

Will’s hiding from the demagoran 


Of course they all end up in the pool now starts the kissing

Will is talking to his mom again. Now he’s playing his favorite song for her. 

What the FUCK is that Will trying to come through the wall!!!!!

Nancy changed her tune real quick. Sending her friend home. 

Jonathan that’s kinda creepy

Oh shit her friends is about to go missing now too. Was it the smell of her blood or something. 

Finale Thought:

I’m sticking to my astral plane theory. That creepy shit with the Byers wall confirms that Will is still there somewhere.

I thought that Nancy might have waited a little longer before she slept with old dude. I just hope it’s not a hit it and quit it deal. Where it starts a rumor that she’s a slut or something. 

Great another person is going missing. I’m sure I’ll find out Nancy’s friends name next episode.

The sheriff is about to have his hands full. Two missing people, and one supposed suicide. I hope he realizes that they are all connected and that Eleven is not Will. 

I see that the guy with the white hair who I’m going to call White Fox is behind all of this shit. I hope for more backstory next episode. 


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