Christmas Lights the Perfect Communication Tool

Recap: Nancy lost her virginity to that guy. While the creature came back to take her friend. The cops have investigated the diner where the White Fox has staged it to look like the owner killed himself. The band of merry men minus Will are hiding Eleven away in Mikes house, after she tells them the people after her will kill everyone that knows. Will’s brother goes to find their father to tell him about Will missing. He’s a douche about it. Will haunts his mom playing his favorite song and trying to escape the parallel universe he’s in through the bedroom wall. 

Know that that is complete onward to episode 3 Holly, Jolly…. Spoiler Alert!!!!

Opening Scene: 

Holy shit we get to actually get to see her after she is abducted 

Eww gross where the hell is she. That’s what the creatures looks like? Unattractive!

So she’s at the popular boys house in the swimming pool. But, in another astral plane. and it’s covered in that shit that was in the laboratory. 

I don’t need these cut scenes with Nancy losing her v-card unless it’s actually important. I’m more concerned with her friend right now. 



Get back to Holly being held captive by the creature

So Nancy do you feel like a woman now? She not about to hang around. My kinda lady. Hit it and quit and let’s try to forget it. 

He’s so comforting after it being her first time. 

Mom already know what’s up guuuh just tell her.

Will got his mom out here looking real crazy 

Merry men are stocking up for a rescue later today.

Oh shit people are looking at Nancy weird…they know

Aww he still likes her after deflowering her. Good!

Now she cares her friend is not at school….priorities 

Eleven’s not listening to Mike and going upstairs to use the lazy-boy totally worth it

Ms. Beyers out here doing the most looking like she’s totally lost it. 



Joyce buying all the Christmas lights.

Yes Sheriff you are definitely sniffing in the right direction. 

Lookey lookey what we have here the snowfall and creepy tentacles with Dr. Brennan aka White Fox, looking like a complete an utter asshole. 

Oh Nancy’s friend is named Barbara. 

Happy to know I’m not the only one who thinks Mike’s in love with Eleven

I like the light set up

Haha the Sheriff out here pimpin all the single ladies. Even the librarian



Not the same the reaction the Sheriff got.

All signs point to Dr. Brennan. Even looks like he kidnapped peoples children…maybe even the Sheriff’s daughter who is Eleven. (sorry, I’m still running with it until I learn otherwise)

Follow the lights little girl it’s a code. Maybe not Will might be trying to find his replacement. 

I knew that creepy shit was going to backfire. When they realize Barbara is missing everyone is going to think he did it along with brother being missing. 

They made Eleven hurt cats too. That’s freaking evil. Dr. Brennan is a piece of shit. That’s right Eleven don’t hurt animals. That psychopath shit. He’s so proud she killed her handlers instead. that’s not creepy at all.



Don’t go there again Doc…I’m sure you will though

Oh yeah how dare she be concerned about her real friend being missing. Fucking losers

Nancy found Barbara’s car she hasn’t used since you made her come to that lame party.

Here the light signals go again. She’s a freaking genius to buy those lights. Will let her know he not safe in the alien parallel universe. 

Thank you Nancy for letting someone know your friend is Missing. But I like how you tried to cover for her first. 



I’m going to need the Sheriff’s deputy to back him on this theory because he’s not wrong.

Ouija board on her wall RUN BITCH!!!! that wasn’t Will trying to come through the wall.

Who is that? I don’t want it to be Will either. I don’t think that’s him.  I don’t believe it

This rendidtion of Heros by Peter Gabriel is hauntingly beautiful




I really don’t want think that Will is dead. I want it to be a ploy by Dr. Brennan to stop the cops from sneaking around. 

The creatures may have found a way to get between the to parallel through the Beyer home. 

I hope Barbara is okay too. 


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