ST Episode 4 More Stuffing Than a Teddy Bear

We meet again. After this episode we will be halfway through this season. I’m having mixed feelings about watching this episode, after how the third one ended I’m scared that it might actually be Will. Then that craziness with the creature trying to captures Joyce. So let’s find out if that body pulled out the water is actually Will and if Barbara will escape the lair. Still reading I should probably throw in ….SPOILER ALERT!!!

Episode 4: “Chapter 4: The Body”


The cops are looking around the Byers residence. I’m sure they won’t find anything. 

Joyce can’t listen to anything your saying bro. Will was at the house warning her. 

Joyce can’t you see that you look like crazy lady right now. The cops are going to think you threw Will in the quarry.  

Oh she’s got an ax. Oh okay she’s waiting for the creature to come back. 

Will going to start talking through that walkie. 



Hair flip on that

That was strange…haha stranger things

He’s definitely pulling the old I’m dressed under these blankets, hurry up and leave so i can go out and find Will bit. I mean I do it all the time. Jeez Mike get your own shtick. Wait you’d technically be older than me. I so I stole it from you. 

Man bitch you know that shit don’t sound right at all. Why the state need to examine a child who just “fell in the quarry.” 

That looked like White Fox standing over will with all that PPE on. 

Joyce know what’s up. 



Welp, didn’t take long for boy wonder to finish showing the rest of his assey-ness. I know it not a word deal with it. 

She’s worried about her friend you dip-shit and all you think about is getting yelled at by your father. 

Really, Jonathan, really, you want to have your mom talk about her “crazy” theories in the middle of the street, in the middle of the entire fucking town. Smooth move ex-lax.  Go find some more woods to stand in.

Lucas is the realist of the group. Always with the logical explanation. I need someone to agree with my wild theories. Like Mike or Mushmouth.  But, someone has to keep the group grounded.

Montague of Eleven getting pretty woman-ed. Don’t try to down play it Mike. You have a huge crush. 



That’s why she always rides on your bike right Mike

Oh white fox has a son. EWWWW that sounds make it sound bad enough (shudders)

Wait Barb’s car is gone now. Who took it… white fox and his buddies. 

Thank you regular coroner for thinking it was weird that kicked you out for Will’s autopsy.

OMG the worst liars ever. That is so awkward I hate when everyone looks at you when you walk in somewhere. 

Yeah tape that picture up guhhhh

Oh to late White Fox… Sheppard is dead. 

YES!!! Thank you Eleven that’s was freaking perfect. Piss your pants you useless nut sack



Ain’t nobody fucking with my clique

Oh the pieces are coming together. Thank goodness Jonathan believes his mom now. After his crush says it again. 

Her name isn’t Sarah anymore it’s Eleven. 

Get him Sheriff his old lying ass paid off piece of shit jerk. Beat that’s ass…. Whoop that trick. 



Get ‘um

Whose in the picture he wants her to listen too. 

OMG he’s trapped in his own wall in his house.  

Joyce that was a portal to another dimension. 

These two are about to date and I won’t be mad about it. They make a cute couple. Plus they have mutual interests. Trying to find their best friends. They need to take that picture to the sheriff if he isn’t murdered for doing his job. 

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I knew he wasn’t dead. That’s a good likeness though. He must have felt like a teddy bear with all that stuffing. 




Thank god will isn’t dead. I was never more happy to see a supposed dead little kid be stabbed. 

I like the little romances that are starting to form in the middle of these tragedies. Nancy + Jonathan. Eleven + Mike. 

I also like that Jonathan can stop looking at his mom like she completely lost it. Which who would blame her. The sheriff doesn’t look like he’s gotten over his own daughter’s supposed death. I’m still sticking to Eleven being Sarah. Or are least that POS doctor having something to do with her death/disappearance.

Was Sheppard really the Foxes son or was he just one of his successful experiments. I’m happy he was a little shook by what happened. 

That picture of the creature is crazy. I can’t believe Jonathan was that close to it. What makes Will and Barb so special that it went specifically for them? Maybe, because they like to protect their friends.

I wonder if Barb will be able to talk to Nancy soon.

I pretty sure the popular guy at school will try to slut shame Nancy to make her look bad because she going to be hanging out with Jonathan more.  

Luckily for us it has been renewed for a second season. I saw there was a trailer for season two but I’ll wait until I finish the first season before I watch it.