Here Take This and This (minimalist challenge half-way pt)

It’s been 15 days. Well technically 16. But I’ll post that on the final results post. Being even a all. Anyway, this challenge has been really cathartic. It feels great getting rid of all kinds of things I wouldn’t be using. But, I’m sure will find a new home with someone who will love them as much as I use to. Getting rid of things just in little bit of time has gave way to me meeting someone that I might want to try things with again. After finding out somethings I didn’t know about. As well as reconnecting with one of my best friends from my childhood. 


A video posted by 🤓Ashley🤓 (@__ashtastic__) on Oct 15, 2016 at 11:27pm PDT


So far so good 15 more days until the end of the challenge. I keep finding more things to wave adios to. But, let’s see how i feel at the end of the challenge. Have you gotten rid of anything? Do you keep a lot of things too? Follow me on my social media accounts to see the items I get rid daily. Have a great week!

if you are interested in minimalist art be sure to check out this website on artsy here


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