ST EP 5 That Looks Like A Great Place To Chill

Oh man it’s getting in more interesting. We ended with the Sheriff calling bullshit on that body being Will’s and breaking in to find out that Joyce was in fact correct and that it was not her son. It was a fucking stuffed things filled with cotton. So he proceeds to break into the laboratory that lied to him last episode.  

The Merry Men and Lady Genevieve are out to find will after he contacts Mike through his walkie. Jonathan and Nancy have also teamed up to find their brother and best friend after developing the photo and see the creature in it. 


Episode 5 – The Flea and The Acrobat

Opening Scene

They have some pretty lax security at the high suspicions lab. 

He’s not going to put on any bio hazard 

Sheirff is starting to look more attractive  his determination. 

Here’s another person trying to tell Joyce she’s crazy. Oh wait its her stupid ass baby dad.

Don’t listen to him Joyce!!! Keep Believing…hold on to that feeling



Upside down your turning me. Lol I’ll try to stop. You’re onto something Mike

Oh shit he’s almost in the creatures home. 

They are talking about alternate dimension. Or the veil of shadows which sounds about right. There are most definitely monsters their. 

Don’t go in their sheriff you’ll die!!! I just jumped I thought they were the creature. Now white fox and crew have the sheriff.

YES!!! tell your dad off. Don’t listen to him either. I can’t stand when people who didn’t have anything to do with you show up like their your white knight. BITCH BYE!!! We fine. 




This parallel of Dungeons and Dragons and the storyline is great. I’ve never played but I can appreciate people using their own imagination to creature their own characters, world, and  bonding with friends. 

So they just put the sheriff back at his house. Thrown some beer cans around. He’ll just think he was drink AF. Nah dudes that’s not gonna work. Unless you have the MIB light thing to flash him with. See he remembers now he’s looking for wire taps. 

Dayum he fucking his place up and drooling everywhere. Found it! 

That’s not a real janitor bruh. Look at that fucking VAN! 



Look at that fake ass logo on that van

Yes give up all the information Mr. Clark. Ahh a time tear. It’s probably in the lab. 

Yeah it’s real fucking funny. They are just trying to throw you off the trail. 

Oh course Dad wants to sue…he just seeing dollar signs. I’m sure he’ll disappear soon after if they win or lose.  

Yes come through mush mouth. 

Lol Nancy practicing her swings. Now he comes back and he’s being sweet. I don’t like his Johnny Depp crybaby hair though. Only a select few can pull that off. He’s ain’t one of them. 



So damn hot!

Ugh Joyce’s baby daddy is an opportunist piece of shit. He didn’t even let will’s teddy bear body get lowered in the ground before he found a way to try and make a come up. 

Hi ho hi ho it’s off to find Will we go. 

Man they did some crazy experiments on Eleven. Even with all her powers she still scared of them. 

Ooooo Jonathan with the ultimate burn

Now Joyce knows she’s not crazy. I hope they team up. 



Will is alive!!

Oh man I hope Eleven didn’t kill Lucas. But he’s not completely wrong. 

Eleven was in the upside down and was the doorway for the creatures. 

OMG was not prepared for that deer to get dragged away like that. 

Girl don’t get to close. Is that the doorway. Did Jonathan get grabbed up?

Oh okay yeah let’s just climb into the oozying tree in the middle of the forest where everyone keeps disappearing.  She made it to the upside down . 

Did that freaking tree do that weird close back up thing. 




I can’t believe she actually crawled in that tree what an idiot. Maybe she’ll find Barb and Will

Where the fuck was Jonathan when she called his name that he didn’t hear her. 

I Lucas going to come back to help them or is he totally done now that Eleven used her powers on him. 

Where the hell did Eleven go. I think she went back to the lab and she might cause some chaos.

I’m happy that the started talking about a parallel universes. So there are two ways to get to the Shadow place the lab and that tree in the area everyone keeps disappearing. Now included is Nancy.  


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