Stranger Things Ep 8 Finale Reaction Video

So how many times did I have to edit this video you say? Well if you really want to know it was three times. The first two times I was using a trial program and it crashed both times when I wanted to add the graphics and music at the end. So the first time I was pissed like……



After basically wasting three hours editing down an hour and fifteen minute long video to 25 minutes I threw up my hands and took my ass to bed. The second time I tried to edit it and it crashed I was hopeful because I could at least pull it up. But after a few seconds the programs would just close. My reaction to that was….



After that I actually purchased a program and now I finally have completed the editing with even less time only 23 minutes. So Check out my reaction video to Stranger Things Episode 8.

Hope you enjoy have a great weekend!



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