Adios 2016!

I’ve survived another year. This year though I wasn’t so happy with how a lot of things went. So I want to do a highlight of my roller-coaster of 2016 The one thing that happened that i was very happy with, was I finally graduated with my Bachelor’s!!!

But on the other hand. Because of a mistake I made in 2015 I wasn’t able to go through with my plans to go back into the Air Force as an Officer. So I had to say goodbye to that plan. But another great thing that happened was my friend let me rent his house when he got a promotion in another state.  But on the other hand I was hoping for a friend to move in with me so I could save some extra money and that didn’t work out. Plus somethings weren’t up to par when I moved in, and still aren’t.

But it’s fine. The house is way to big for just me and Milo, and I plan on moving into a smaller place. I keep telling everyone I want to live in a trailer and they look at me crazy. Because I started adopting a minimalist mindset I don’t really care about staying on the traditional path of owning a huge home, and all that.

After the excitement of having my own place started to wain the family had a huge tragedy when everyone’s favorite Aunt passed away. I don’t think the holidays will ever be the same. It was hard this year. One of my favorite memories is going over her house and feeling like I was just another one of her daughters. Which was always great since I am an only child. Of course she was always nicer to me. But, I’ll never feel bad about that.

All the ups and downs from my life aside. I took a more active role in my blog and started my youtube channel back up again. One of the main things with my blog was music. I like most people love music and I wait to integrate my music page into a monthly blog post. So to kick it off I have made of playlist of all the songs from 2016 that I liked.

Skincare and Beauty have also been a big part of this year as well. I started my love for makeup late. Even though I use to love watch my mom and aunts put makeup on when I was little. I had the horrible trial and error most go through in high school. I had a thing for blue/teal eye shadow. It still kind of do but I know how to blend and add transition colors. Hell I love color on my face. But I also love some nudes as well. A few of the things that I loved this year were.


African Black Soap

Etude 10 in 1 wonder pore

Cosrx Snail essence



Foundation: Smashbox foundation, Lancome tient idole

Concealer: Urban decay pencil, LA girl

Eyeshadows: Urban Decay, Wet ‘n Wild, Colourpop super shock shadows

You already know what my liquid lipsticks were for this year Colourpop all day everyday

I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for me. I hope this next year brings some great memories and growth.



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