Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

The first 10 mins into watching Goblin and I am already hooked. The actor who plays the Goblin (Gong Yoo) is very handsome. Especially during feudal Japan, not sure I’m not well versed in Asian history. The story of how he came to be a Goblin was quite tragic and made me tear up when he and the empress made eye contact before they both passed away. It’s nothing new for someone to let their jealousy and inferiority get the best of them. It just becomes worst when the person who feels those things are in a position of power. I can’t believe he fought so bravely with his men to come home and not to a hero’s welcome. But, to his death along with many of his men. I was happy that the person who gave him the deadly blow was a comrade and not one of the simpleton king’s men.

Image via dramafever:  https://www.dramafever.com/drama/4914/Goblin%253A_The_Lonely_and_Great_God/
Image via dramafever

Now death (Lee Don Wook) on the other hand is also attractive and I like that he doesn’t look the traditional version of death that we are most use to with the black hooded cloak and sickle. Though I did chuckle when the Goblin said he fought his outfit to be ugly. I was looking at his hat before the Goblin saw him thinking “hmmm, that doesn’t suit to well. Reminds me of Beyoncé in her formation video before she gives everyone the finger.” I also like that he used teacups and has millions of them. I also want to learn more about his story and how he become death.

Sad that someone would mow someone down and not check on them or call the police. I found it creepy that all the ghost behind her mother at the hospital was saying the bride had arrived. Her daughter does have a gift though. Petting dead puppies just to start. Besides relieving that her mother was dead the whole time she was trying to celebrate her birthday. That whole goodbye scene made me cry. The old lady who’s the little girl’s grandmother seems to be able to see spirits too. When Death comes to try and take her and her mother for cheating him years ago, I loved when she said “I can’t hear you mister.,”

I didn’t get the part with the grandmother. I was wondering about her though because she all of a sudden turns young again. Is that a disuse? Is she a spirit too?  How does she age and then become young again? Also, that lady who was trying to get Ji Eun-Tak’s (Kim Go Eun) attention was scary with her white pupils. Then cue the slow-mo when the Goblin sees his bride.

Her family are a bunch of assholes of course. It was rather cute when she said “I love you,” He was totally throw off guard like he never heard it before. I don’t think she’ll be able to see the sword until they really have feelings for each other.

Besides having a really great storyline, the acting is A1, and the soundtrack is wonderful. I highly recommend checking if out. It’s exclusively available to watch on Dramafever.


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