Taking a Break

If you haven’t noticed I’ve been off social media a lot the past two months. I’ve posted occasionally but not as much as I use to. I want to apologize for that. It’ll probably still be a while before I start posting blogs and videos regularly. My life is really chaotic right now and I need to get a number of this all straightened out. Plus I need to decide if I really want to start taking classes for my masters. I said I would give myself a year off. That year is quickly approaching. I gathered information from some schools but I’l still going back and forth on if I really want to commit. I know it will take a lot more time and I’ll have to be even more focused then when I pursued my bachelor’s.


 Trying to run from my life like…

I’m hoping I’ll have an idea by June or July. Though I don’t want to have my hobbies on pause that long. I actually put myself through the turmoil that I’m finally starting to climb out of. But, I will say that everything worked out for the better even though there were some dark times and I was starting to get depressed. I’ll go more into depth about everything. I just wanted to post something so it didn’t seem like i totally abandoned all my social accounts.


I’ve missed you! Be back real soon.

Thanks for understanding and I’ll be back to regularly posting soon!!!



One thought on “Taking a Break

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