I came across the video for Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and added it to my queue on dramafever. I was in the middle of watching My Shy Boss, and Tomorrow with You. It looked really cute and I liked that the woman is the one who would be doing the protecting instead of being the damsel.


Park Bo Young as Do Bong Soon

Park Hyung Sik as Ah Min Hyuk

Kim Ji Soo as In Gook Du

The story-line of the show is that Do Bong Soon has other worldly strength and has a hard time finding a job until a rich CEO who’s being threatened see’s her using her strength, that she tries to hide. There is also the story-line of Bong Soon being in love with her childhood best friend who pays her absolutely no mind. I’ve included some screen caps of some of my favorite parts in this episode. Along with my reaction to some of the scenes

At the opening of the scene we have the Min-Hyuk having a dream about who I believe is Bong Soon. I mean what other small woman could stop a bus dead in it’s tracks. So off the bat, I’m think so is he having premonitions about her or has he really seen her use her powers. Or, my third option, he’s just having a wet dream.

She didn’t have to talk about gains to stop a car as toddler. Just out here causally stopping sedans with a open palm no problem.

Did I mention that Bong Soon is a gamer!!! We’re already besties in my head. It would be cool to be a super hero basically. Though, not the super hero’s friend. That’s a death sentence if you don’t have your XPs leveled up.

This whole scene with these group of gangsters was hysterical. Bong Soon all but handed them their asses. After this scene we get to meet Do Bong Soon’s crush. Who didn’t make a good impression on me. He talked to her like she was a child and lectured her like a parent. I guess she didnt notice that since she was totally lovingly gazing at him.

I don’t see how he can’t believe he can’t see she’s gaga for him. They would be a cute couple. She is a bit of a tomboy though. He’s handsome but a bit of a dick. If he sees her like a sister, I totally get it.

2017-03-23 (7)

After helping Do Bong Soon get out of explaining how she beat up multiple men without a single scratch Ahn Min Hyuk admits out loud he totally has a crush on her. Especially when she get sassy with him by not stepping in like a real man would. Girl, he didn’t want to ruin that pretty face obviously.

2017-03-23 (9)

The army of idiots at the hospital after getting their ass beat. I mean sure you can get that pissed all you want. But, dude she beat your ass with the strength it takes for her to bat an eye. If you really fight her you’ll have more than just some fractures and missing teeth.

In Gook Du, cross dressing to get the job done. I mean he’s totally hot in regular clothes. But he’s so cute dressed like a lady. I didn’t think it was him at first until those stiff manly body rolls. He’s totally into his career.


She’s not totally oblivious to the way In Gook Du talks to her. Surprising!! She’s just to caught up in her one sided love to do anything about it.

Ahn Min Hyuk may not have stepped up to give unneeded help to Do Bong Soon. He totally sees the potential in her being his personal body guard. First though they must really test her strength with an arm wrestling match. Then he deciedes that Bong Soon and his secretary must chicken fight. You can see by the look of sure confusion and terror, the secretary lost.

Under all the fun and cuteness with the main characters. There’s a real issue going on in town and it’s hitting close to home for Bong Soon!

I really enjoyed this first episode and can’t wait to watch another one. I would suggest a watch if you enjoy a k-drama with some great light hardheartedness and serious murder mystery aspect. I enjoyed the over dramatics for particular scenes. It’s campy without going overboard. Just enough to surprise you and give a good laugh

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**All pictures arescreen shots  from Dramafever**


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon |Ep. 1

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