Strong Woman Do Bong Soon | Ep. 2



Park Bo Young as Do Bong Soon
Park Hyung as Ahn Min Hyuk
Kim Ji Soo as In Gook Du

So where did we end last post? Oh yeah on the crazy killer in Bong Soon’s neighborhood.

2017-03-23 (21)

This episode starts out with everyone on high alert after hearing about the murder of a young woman who was about to get married. Bong Soon’s mom and her cronies are gathered to talk about what to do with an old abandoned dry cleaners in the neighborhood that seems to be a beacon for criminals. They also tried to throw some petty shade at In Gook Du’s mother. probably because their all jealous!!!!

Do Bong Soon  comes by her mother’s nut shop with her boss and her mom and her buddies all ogle him the whole time.

I mean can you blame them? Park Hyung is totally gorgeous! Her mom and her friends are already calculating how much money he has, Her mother is formulating a plan for how to get her daughter married off to him. Calm your tits mom! You don’t have to work that hard! He is already crushing on her.

Cut to not even halfway through the episode and we find out that the killer is out here trying to kidnap someone again! We also find out that he is an amateur and didn’t mean to stab the last victim. He was only trying to kidnap her!

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But this time someone caught him in the act of beating up his next victim, and she was actually saved. Getting rushed to the the hospital safe and sound. I think this whole kidnapping/murder has to do with Min Hyuk, and those death threats.

After watching the police scrutinize the entire neighborhood looking for evidence Bong Soon and her bestie. Who may play a significant role later, so I should find out her name. (Park Bo-mi as Na Kyung-shim)Run into a group of kids bullying one kid. Instantly, Boon Soon’s super hero instincts kick in and she shows them who the real boss is. Don’t let her tie your shoes! You’ll leave you like a sniveling little bitch!

Bong Soon goes to the hospital to visit Min Hyuk’s secretary and apologize for basically breaking his tailbone in two when she sees her crush Gook Du. He asks her to watch the victim while he runs to the restroom. Guess who comes into the room dressed as a doctor? that’s right creepy snatcher man! Gook Du walks runs right by him twice!

Cut to the seeing creepy snatcher’s lair and the unnerving mask he wears. Guys a total nutcase. I sense he can’t talk to women very well and is trying to make these women into his human doll. He also talked about her becoming his wife. Ugh, AF IF!!!  Colored me creeped out yet intrigued.

After Bong Soon admits that she could identify the creepy snatcher by his voice Gook Du goes into big brother mode and tells his superiors that’s she needs a body guard. Bro you know nothing about your friend.

2017-03-24 (21)

If you say so dude.

So who ends up with a body guard, who has a police escort? Yeah, Min Hyuk

2017-03-24 (22)

Though Gook Du seems pretty work focused he does seem to find some time to nurture a relationship with a cute girl.

For once I am only interested in 2/3 of a soon to come love triangle. Maybe, if I seen more of Gook Du then what I’m currently seeing. I just don’t see the chemistry between him and Bong Soon like I do with Min Hyuk. I’m already rooting for that relationship. Sorry Mr. Officer!

After hearing about the women being kidnapped and having the police officer that was watching over her stabbed while going to the bathroom with him. Min Hyuk convinces Bong Soon to stay at his house with him. But guess who comes to over to try to bust it all up? that’s right Big brother Gook Doo!

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This was a interesting episode because we seen a little bit of how the killer works. I think he maybe a doctor. Maybe Bong Soon’s brother?  Someone in his medical class? He had a lot of medical equipment in his dungeon. We also see a little bit of a more softer side to Gook Du with how he likes to make time for his relationship. We also see the Min Hyuk may have a better profile on the murder then even the police do and could possible solve the case or be of great help.

Make sure to subscribe to my blog to check out next weeks post. If you didn’t read last weeks post check it out here. How do you feel about the show so far? I’m really enjoying the little that I’ve seen. See yah at the next post.


**All screen shots are from Dramafever**


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