Park Bo Young as Do Bong Soon
Park Hyung as Ahn Min Hyuk
Kim Ji Soo as In Gook Du

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Last we left the crew In Gook Du was being a cock block or so he thought he was. Big brother mode fully engaged and stomping over any nasty little thoughts Min Hyuk had. He even called Bong Soon’s mother to try and get her help with busting up the little sleep over.


Mom wants him to mind his of damn business. She trying to get Bong Soon married to a wealthy man. Who in fact might be gay. But mom doesn’t care about that either.

2017-03-25 (1)

Gook Du listens to Min Hyuk explain that they cop was stabbed because of him not Bong Soon and he pleads with him to come to the station so the police can help. Not just rely on his little sister.  Except he wants them to come to the station right now. Still trying to break up the sleepover.

They cut to a scene where Bong Soon is having her interview with the secretary and he makes it seem like the reason he wants her to be his body guard is because people believe him to be gay. I don’t see enough of it to think it. But, what makes the secretary so sure. He does spend the most time with him. So maybe he is?

2017-03-25 (3)

This man is not gay! He wouldn’t be upset if Gook Du bought her that necklace. Which he didn’t! He also shows her his panic room / awesome play room. Where Bong Soon easily hands him his ass in a round of video games. Then they go to sleep under the stars.

2017-03-25 (4)

So the next day after a awkward wake up. They head out to find out who the creep was that was following them the other day. Bong Soon makes her way into this man’s house and they go about interrogating him. Well, kind of, he accidentally knocks himself unconscious after trying to be pervy with Bong Soon, then gets shocked by the taser Gook Du gave to Bong Soon last night.

2017-03-25 (5)

 After an unsuccessful interrogation the two head over to the police department to talk to Gook Doo about whose really trying to kill/threaten them. Min Hyuk still can’t believe that Gook Du doesn’t know about Bong Soon’s super strength.

2017-03-25 (6)

Bong Soon shuts him up from spilling the beans about her powers. Because she enjoys knowing that Gook Du is worried/concerned for her well being. By Giving his foot a little pressure. By little I mean she fractured one of his toes and they have to go to the hospital.

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While they are there they run into Bong Soon’s twin little brother and Gook Du and his girlfriend. Though I think that Bong Soon is not the only one is a one sided love.  Girl tries to put the moves on Bong Ki. (Bong Soon’s twin brother)

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I don’t like her! But guess who else is secretly following Bong Soon around the hospital. The gang of idiots from the construction site.  But this time they brought their boss who wants to see Bong Soon’s powers in action.

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After dropping the Boss off at the hospital Bong Soon goes home to get away from the two frustrating men in her life and freshen up. But she is soon getting harassed by Min Hyuk who wants her to come back before she can even dry her hair. After finishing up getting ready and heading back to the hospital. Which I totally agree with Bong Soon was so over dramatic of Min Hyuk. She runs into her little buddies whose shoes she ripped off but they brought their leader who wants to have a word. After letting him throw the items in her purse around and smack her in the face a little Bong Soon gets fed up and teaches them all a lesson with the ultimate atomic wedge and the vomit inducing merry-go round ride. They quickly worship the ground she walks on the beg her for forgiveness.

It seems that more and more people are starting to see Bong Soon use her powers and it may soon become a big problem for her. But, we won’t know for sure until later on in the series. Along with people finding out it seems after the construction site incident her power has been growing by the day. Building up for her to stick it to this masked psycho who is still running around town. After such an exciting day. Bong Soon and Min Hyuk head to his families to dinner to hear who his father has decided to be the next CEO of his company.

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Bong Soon hints that she thinks that it’s actually Min Hyuk’s father that is the one threatening him. I kind of agree. He could he scaring him to ask for his help or to get him to leave his company and go to his fathers. I also think it could be his middle brother who looks so sweet and innocent.

Speaking of which it looks like the masked psycho isn’t done with kidnapping a tricked a ballerina into  handing over her car keys to who she thought was her driver for the night after drinking. Finding out to late that it was the neighborhood nut job.

This was an interesting episode because we see that Gook Du may soon be single because his girlfriend looks like an opportunist who thinks she wants a doctor now. We learn that Bong Soon thinks that her boss has a crush on Gook Du. We hear more about Min Huk’s childhood and his current family dynamic. We also see that what we all thought was just going to be one kidnapping seems to be turning into a pattern. With no end game for the murder in sight.

Be sure to check out my earlier blog posts of episodes one and two. I hope your enjoying my new blog. and my Bong Soon posts.

**Screen shots from Dramafever**



Strong Woman Do Bong Soon |Ep. 3

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