Park Bo Young as Do Bong Soon
Park Hyung as Ahn Min Hyuk
Kim Ji Soo as In Gook Du

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The last episode ended with the masked psycho beating his last victim the ballerina in the street when she tried to run away and in the middle of a storm. With Bong Soon walking home in the rain and realizing she’s gaining more strength everyday for something big is coming. This episodes starts off with Bong Soon in her bedroom drawing her video game character and getting calls from the two men in her life.

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Her emotions are still a little outta control and she quickly get annoyed and upset with them. With Gook Du getting hung up on and Min Hyuk getting a threat to scatter his skull.

The next morning Min Hyuk continues with his annoying ways and tell her to make him breakfast because it’s the least she could do when his foot is still hurting. So after throwing a tantrum when she just gives him fresh squeezed juice. She make him breakfast and goes to his car to complain. Not knowing he’s watching and listening to her the whole time.

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After punishing her and making her run behind him on his errands they are attacked at the park by a masked man with metal pellets when Min Hyuk is hurt and Bong Soon carries him easily while running to the SUV and tossing him in the backseat. Where he knocks his head.

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After declining her offer to take him to the hospital for the second time in such a short time and to just take him home. Bong Soon tends to his wounds where we see that Min Hyuk’s crush seems to grow even more.

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The idiots gang members boss learns where Bong Soon’s parents business is and stops by to have a look around and probably look for a weak spot so that he can use that to manipulate Bong Soon to work for him….loser.

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Bong Soon tells a little of how high school was for her with her super strength and not really being as ambitious as her mother wants her to be. Gym class seems to be the worse and after praying to Buddha that she wants him to help her become Gook Du’s girlfriend and having that backfire. She seeks revenge.

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Cut to showing a small part of the bullying that Min Hyuk endured by his older brothers and his middle sibling being the only one who wants to help him. Which later show him seeking that same middle sibling which I’m still leery of to help him find evidence that his other siblings behind his current harassment.

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After having such a hard day at work Bong Soon meets up with her bestie Kyung Shim who says they should go to a movie. Her twin brother Bong Ki also joins then as well as you guessed it Min Hyuk because he texted to see what Bong Soon was up too. When offering to pay for everyone to go to the movie Bong Ki and Kyung Shim want him to join them. Here we see that the Gang Boss and his side kick are still following her and that super hero movies really make Bong Soon very sad.

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After crying from watching Logan. Which I still haven’t seen yet. They decide to go to a club to cheer up Bong Soon. Here brother tries to warn her not to drink to much but it’s too late and he hits the dance floor with Kyung Shim to have a blast and get loving looks from Min Hyuk

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after waking up from such a good time. Bong Soon is reminded by her mother what happened when she got home. Where she insulted Min Hyuk and threatened to make his whole butt disappear if he makes a move on her crush Good Du.

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The police find out about the latest missing woman and we see more of the masked psycho’s lair where it looks like he may be kidnapping up to six women. He has an obsession with them being thin and being his bride. We see the last women he kidnapped is scared and dirty eating her one meal.

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After receiving a phone call from the one she threatened and not being told she fired but that she can take her time getting to work. We get to see that Min Hyuk is possible already in love with Bong Soon. Who is ecstatic and happy to head into work. But seems to finally find her boss as someone she could actually like. Her day is going great until she bumps into who could possible be the masked psycho.

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This was a really cute episode. I liked seeing Min Hyuk looking at Bong Soon so lovingly. It may take him kissing her and telling her he’s not gay for her to actually believe it though. Especially after seeing him hit on Gook Du. I believe there was also the part that I didn’t get screenshots of Gook Du’s girlfriend lying to both him and Bong Ki so he would go out to eat with her. We see a little more of what the masked psycho is doing. Which looks like a living doll collection. I think that the person harassing Min Hyuk  is his middle brother and he starting bulling him after he realized that him being the nice sibling to him didn’t help him get chosen to take over the company.

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**All screen shots are from DramaFever**


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon | Ep. 4

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