Park Bo Young as Do Bong Soon
Park Hyung as Ahn Min Hyuk
Kim Ji Soo as In Gook Du

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When ended the last episode with Bong Soon potentially running into the masked psycho while heading into work. While riding on the Subway Bong Soon sees a grabber trying to feel a woman up and she show him what she thinks of him trying to molest an innocent woman. Because how someone dresses doesn’t mean it’s for public consumption. Can’t say I feel bad for him.

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While working Bong Soon’s parents see that she is famous on the internet for the scene she accidentally caused last night at the club with the pole. Causing Bong Soon to freak out and for Min Hyuk to remember that Bong Soon was crying because she can’t help it. I think he felt guilty after last episode when the kept questioning her about how strong she was and it she was actually a man. We also see that the originally secretary is back and while still a little stiff is happy to be back.

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After giving her a hard time about become a internet sensation. Bong Soon confides in Min Hyuk that she may have run into the killer on the way to work and almost used her panic alarm. Min Hyuk concern for Bong Soon grow even more and he realizes that he has to tell Gook Du about what happened. After being upset he wasn’t the first person she told. Because I agree with Min Hyuk that Bong Soon’s feelings are not as one sided as she thinks. He rushes over the company and loudly wakes her while Min Hyuk watches over her and tries to rub her head.

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Gook Du decides that he will be Bong Soon’s personal chauffeur. The police find out where the ballerina’s car went and go to visit the junkyard and run into someone who strangely is wearing the same outfit the killer loves to wear. Guess who showed back up at the hospital and actually waited until the good doctor was done working to talk to him. Yeah, Gook Du’s supposed girlfriend. Still trying to weasel her way into getting with him. Bong Ki also listens to the lame gang members deciding that they need to seek revenge on Bong Soon. Also Bong Soon tries to check the internet for her videos and finds out that they have all mysteriously disappeared.  Wonder who could of taken care of that? So sweet!

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Bong Soon and Kyung Shim decide to make some good food but need some tofu. Kyung Shim sticks to her gut that Min Hyuk isn’t gay and goes to the store to get tofu. After realizing she’s being followed by the masked psycho she tries to run for it but he cuts off her path and starts to beat her with a steel pole. Giving her some serious injuries. But Bong Soon comes just in time to stop him and give him a little much needed beating. The only thing that pissed my off is that she didn’t beat him unconscious so he could finally be apprehended. But I can understand being more concerned for your friend.

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The gang of women meet up after finding out about Kyung Shim and deciede that they are going to do patrol around the neighborhood. But in the middle of their meeting the Swarmy gang leader shows up with all his mean to say that they will protect the neighborhood. The women being smart and even though they are light weight annoying decide to stick to their plan and patrol the neighborhood. Because no one wants to owe a gang a favor. Cut to the dumb masked idiot bandaging his wounds.

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Gook Du speaks with Min Hyuk and asks him if it would be okay for Bong Soon to stay with him at his place. He is worried that the killer has seen her face to many times and she may become the next victim. While Gook Du is giving Bong Soon a ride to work he even lets it slip that she looks pretty and of course Bong Soon is over the moon the whole day.

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Bong Soon’s mom is still on her kick to try and get Bong Soon together with her boss and packs up things to take to his house. That night Bong Soon can’t sleep and goes for a walk around her neighborhood hoping to finish this whole masked psycho think once and for all. But she runs into Min Hyuk because he’s following her out of concern. After convincing her to come back to the house they get a vistor, Gook Du who states that he will also be staying at the house with them.

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This love triangle I can start to dig it now. Especially since I have Gook Du’s supposed girlfriend. I can’t believe the gull of that girl!! I still won’t ship Bong Soon and Gook Du though. I like the chemistry between her and Min Hyuk a lot better. Plus, I love the way he sneaks looks at her when she’s not paying attention. I hope the ladies in the neighborhood beat the shit out of these so called protectors.  I want to know who this psycho is so bad. That guy at the junkyard seems pretty suspicious though. I really liked how Min Hyuk took care of all the videos of Bong Soon. I’m waiting for him to spill the beans and confess his love.

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Strong Woman Bong Soon Do | Ep. 5

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