Park Bo Young as Do Bong Soon
Park Hyung as Ahn Min Hyuk
Kim Ji Soo as In Gook Du

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Where oh were did we end in the last episode? Of yeah that ‘s right Gook Du was going to Min Hyuk’s place to stay with them because he obviously thinks that some hanky panky is going to go on.  Still so clueless about out girl Bong Soon.

Bong Soon’s mother gives a great theory on the masked psycho being hella ugly since he covers his entire head when he commits his crimes. Not that he doesn’t want to leave any type of DNA. I still totally agree with her. His face probably matches that mask. *in my Alyssa Edward voice* BEAST!!!!

2017-04-20 (1)

Bong Soon continues with her belief that Min Hyuk is gay and even blabs about it to Gook Du so he want give them a hard time about staying in the same place together alone. I love Min Hyuk’s face when she basically screams this because he’s like “guurrl if you only knew what I would do to you,”


Then he goes ahead and spills the beans on her saying that she’s his bodyguard. Tick for Tat right? Of course Gook Du is like cut the shit you want me to believe this and they both nod in agreement. To which he says cool. I’m still staying.

Which to then everyone has a fantasy of the other getting hit on by the other two people. Hilarious!! Specifically Bong Song’s because they play cow bells and the hears in the background shake around all crazy.

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So after their wild daydreams they decide to just pull an all-nighter.  Gook Du getting his ass handed to him in pool and then evening the odds with a few rounds of darts. This is when the pissing contest starts and of course they want to have a drinking contest. But when Bong Soon wants to join in they simultaneously yell “NO,” Then they both procede to get sloppy drunk and end up like this…

2017-04-20 (14)

So course you know our girl gotta carry they drunk asses out of the bar because the employee wants to go home. She leaves them to stew in their drunken stupor and goes to the store to get them some sustenance. But when she get back out course some thug have tried to rob them. We all know how that went. They were swiftly given some quick work and sent on their marry way. All while still being spied on by our local gang leader and his trusty sidekick.

The next morning the guys here in detail what exactly they did with each other last night. After feeling like idiots Min Hyuk receives another threatening phone call except the caller says he’ll use a real gun this time if the offer of running his Dad’s company is not declined. Min could careless by these threats since he has it narrowed down to his older brothers. Which I also agree is who is behind it. But, I don’ t think it’s who he thinks it is.

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After getting to work after a nice healthy breakfast. Min Hyuk is given the news that stock prices have plummeted for his dad’s construction company because the rumors about him being gay are all over the internet. He phones a friend and it’s quickly taken care of. The same way he got rid of all the videos of Drunken Bong Soon. Which she is very thankful for.

After seeing a guy verbal assault a woman for an accident she said she would pay for. Bong Soon is back into super heroine mood and is in the guys face. But of course being a complete ass wipe he just starts to insult both of them. Until Min Hyuk steps in and he quickly shuts up. After stowing away in the jerks backseat. Bong Soon quickly shows him the error of his ways and makes me rethink his whole outlook on life. Later Min Hyuk says he can help her train and control her powers and use them for good.

We even get an update on Gook Du’s girlfriend or should I say ex. Because she finally broke things off with him after realizing that she like Bong Ki. I don’t thinks she’s that evil now. But still she knew she was starting to like him long before she broke up with him. I can’t fault her too much since she was honest about why she was breaking it off with him. She just didn’t add the part about it being his good friend. Which was smart that wound would be that much deeper and wider.

Switch that relationship thing up and at dinner with his family Min Hyuk announces to them all that him and Bong Soon are an item and that they will be married soon and give his father two grand babies. To all the stupefied faces including Bong Soon who almost dies of water inhalation.  Training to become the next super hero starts soon after. Which Min Hyuk still as surprised at ever at the strength of his new girlfriend.

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The episode concluded with the police not getting much closer to finding out who the psycho is other than the clue that he smells like gas. Which they wouldn’t have gotten if it wasn’t for Bong soon.  We see Gook Du realizing that he may have more than just friends feelings for Bong Soon and giving her the warning that the man is not gay, and not to be stupid about it. And we also get to See Granny Do who stops the gang who said they would protect the area from the masked killer after they harass a woman trying to walk home.

This episode was really cute with lots of funny moments sprinkled throughout. Espeically the scenes with my two favorites. Min Hyuk and Bong Soon. They are adorable together and I’m totally on the bandwagon that they should date in real life. Even though everything I read says that it’s not going to happen. I can dream, right? I can’t believe who the killer ended up being. So he was raping these women too! Of course he was sicko! He wasn’t exactly ugly just average looking. I guess Min Hyuk’s brother or brothers isn’t playing on the phone anymore since he woke up to a knife to the neck. Can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode.  How are you like the show so far? How do you feel about the reveal of the masked killer?

Stay tuned for more episode recaps and reactions. I hope you are enjoying these if so don’t forget to follow me on wordpress and follow my other accounts as well. For more updates on me and what else I’m doing.

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon | Ep. 6

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