13 Reasons Review

Have you seen this show yet? I actually just finished watching it today. I knew about the show from ScreenTime they had a YouTube video of Netflix shows that was coming out and I thought this sounded interesting but it didn’t seem like anything to groundbreaking and kind of reminded me of Pretty Little Liars. So i kind of put it to the back of my mind to watch it. But then it became kind of a huge thing. So one night while I was unpacking from my recent move I decided to watch it.

13 Reasons

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The premise of the show is that Hannah Baker is a new student at a new school(obviously) who ends up making friends with the wrong people and the repercussions of each of these people in her life cause her to eventually take her own life. But, before she killed herself, she records 13 tapes that tell the story of how each person’s actions caused a tragic mishap that added up to her making that final decision. We the viewer listen with the main protagonist Clay as he relives Hannah’s 13 reasons.

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Hannah Baker played by Katherine Langford image via IMBD.com

Personally I actually really enjoyed it and I liked that Netflix was the one to pick this show up because it does actually convey the emotions of the characters during some very uncomfortable scenes. While I don’t think that it was overly shocking or triggering to myself. I do understand why some people felt that way. It opens up discussions for people. The rape scenes with Hannah and Jessica were a mix of emotions. More anger and disgust with Jessica because her boyfriend let it happen to her. Then to know all her so called friends and boyfriend tried to convince her that it didn’t happen. With Hanna it was the same two emotions but sadness and pity was mixed with it. She was already at a low point and that was the last thing she could take. Other than being victim blamed.

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Justin Foley played by Brandon Flynn image via: IMBD.com

I also felt pity for Justin because his home life had a huge impact on how he coped with a lot of things. It’s more than evident when he makes excuses to Jessica for Bryce. I wasn’t surprised when he killed himself either. It was definitely coming and I think Jessica was his last lifeline . When she said she didn’t want to see him ever that was the answer to the same question that that had also plagued Hannah on her last days.

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Tyler Down played by Devin Druid image via: IMBD.com

I also think the next season is going to start with a school shooting by Tyler. That scene with him putting away all those guns and ammo in that footlocker and taking down that picture of Alex from his darkroom of hit list photos. Are all foreshadowing for upcoming events. We might even lose Clay. But, that’s all my theory for next season. I’m happy that Jessica finally told her Dad and that Sherri finally admitted to what she did.

This show gave me flashbacks of high school and how hard it was to navigate who your real friends are and how people can easily throw you under the bus because they are afraid of what people will think about them. I think I might have wrote about this before. But I had a so-called friend who thought it was okay to go around and tell people that I was gay when I never said I was or even hit on her. I guess my fear of being rejected by a guy made her think that. But, I never knew who was the one who started that rumor until I was out of high school and talked to her out of the blue one day. Besides what she did to someone who I really would consider a best friend and actually still talk to on a regular basis. Let’s just say she thought it was okay to accuse her of being a thief because she wasn’t well off as her and some of the other students. Myself not included in that group of privileged people. Anyway enough with memory lane. It’s easier to shake off those kinds of rumor with no evidence and when social media was still in it’s infancy. AIM by AOL was all the rage when I was in high school. Plus I think the stigma of being a slut is a hard one to get rid of in Hannah and other peoples cases.

My favorite characters were Tony, Clay and Alex. Tony because his fucking amazing car and the fact that he was the bad boy with a heart a gold. Always steering everyone towards the right decisions. Clay because even though he didn’t really do anything to Hannah he tried to make it right unlike everyone else who listened to the tapes and wanted to just act like it didn’t happen. You can see throughout the season that the group started to implode from everyone trying to act like everything was fine. Alex because he was the first one to admit what he did was wrong and not caring what his consequences were for telling the truth. Though I think he didn’t care because his Dad would get him out of everything. Remember the scene with his Dad telling him he didn’t have to talk with the lawyers.

My least favorite characters Bryce, Courtney, and Marcus. Bryce for obvious reasons though I like how he opened up his home to Justin. But, it can easily be seen as manipulation. Courtney because she was a fraidy cat little bitch who wanted to make Hannah seem like a pathetic loser and discredit her at every turn to keep her good girl image. Marcus for the same things and for fucking planting that weed on Clay like an asshole. I hope he gets his reputation dirty next season. If he doesn’t end up being unfortunately gunned down. If any of these three end up dying before everything comes out they will be seen as angels when we the viewers know exactly what their real character is.

All in all I said I am interested in seeing how Season two will looks like. There’s a sneak peek trailer out. Check it out below. How did you like the show? Who were your favorite and least favorite characters?


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