June Movie Trailers | Ashley Cundiff

It’s June and this time I was able to watch three movies that I posted about before in the past! Those movies being Age of Adeline, and You before me. Which I thought were both cute movies but, nothing spectacular. The other movie being Mr. Church now that movie was great and I highly recommend it. Eddie Murphy back to doing great. Wonderful progressive if you ask me! Check out these trailers that I’ve seen for movies I think may be pretty good.

The Little Hours – A comedy movie about Nuns behaving badly that stars Audrey Plaza, Alison Brie and Dave Franco. The trailers looks hilarious hopefully it’s not all the funny scenes.


American Assassin – A drama about a man set out on revenge who gets training to accomplish his goal. Starring: Taylor Kitsch , Micheal Keaton, and Sanaa Lathan.  This movie is based off a New York best seller. I am behind on my reading and have not heard of the book it’s based off of.


Wonder – This movie looks like a tear jerker and very uplifting. Watching the trials and tribulations of a child who’s life wasn’t meant to be. But he fought he way to through it and was left with the scares of his battles. Unfortunately his scares are all physical and we see him find his way in school. Starring Jacob Tremblay, Julia Robers, and Owen Wilson.

Lucky Logan – Starring: Channing Tatum, Daniel  Craig and Katherine Waterston

American Made – Starring: Tom Cruise, Dohmall Gleeson, and Sarah Wright

Feed – Starring: Troian Bellisaio, Tom Felton




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