Pinky Red Makeup Look|Color Series

While I uploaded the video in time for it to be ready at the regular time of noon. I did not remember to charge my laptop to make sure it would be charging while the video uploaded. I attempted to run some errands that didn’t pan out to well only to find out that my laptop died and my video only made it to 22%. So needless to say sorry about the late post to my color series videos.

Check out the video

—————————>  by clicking here <—————————

This look was suppose to be all red but my lying eyes…haha made me think that I was using red when it was actually just pink tones. I just went with it and enjoyed the look. This day did not start out well for me but. Oh well so is life.

I hope you like the look. Don’t forget to check out the other looks in the color series.


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