Getting My Fat Ass Together

So I’ve tried to get my act together several times. But I can never grasp that motivation that I use to have a few years ago with working out and eating healthy. I’ve been doing a little better since I live by myself and I don’t have the luxury to go out to eat all the time. Maybe once or twice a week. Lately though I have been more motivated to start working out again. But the most important part is the food and what I’m actually putting in my body not what I’m putting out. GIPHY

I thought about posting body pics and maybe I’ll include those later. But for now I just want to include my actually body measurements. It takes 61 days to for a habit  to form. So, I’m going to motivate myself to do a little bit of activity a day. The eating part I’m fine with. I meal prep and have at least 3 meals a day.

Here are my starting measurements

Neck 13.0
Shoulder: 48.5
Chest: 43.5
Waist: 36.5
Left Arm: 16.5
Right Arm: 16.5
Hips: 49.5
Left Thigh: 29.5
Right Thigh: 29.0
Left Calf: 18.0
Right Calf: 18.5
Weight: 227.6
Total: 0.0

My goal is to be one pound down in a week. I’m not going to go overboard. Are you trying to lose weight too? What’s helping you stay on track?

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