I don’t remember when I first heard this song.  I do remember the feeling of wanting to have a love like the one portrayed in the music video.  Haven’t most of us? Just with our own life as the story and the important people in your life playing minor parts. One memory I do have. Is the present I  wasted my time making for this guy. We’ll give him the name Pedro. I thought for the longest that Pedro was the love of my life. It’s a long story.  Maybe, I’ll talk about in the future. But, back to this flashback. I collected all these love songs, found all these love quotes and even wrote letters and organized all of it to play. It was on this program called Prezi. Which pretty fucking awesome! I think i spent a good week or two making it. The feature song in today’s post, was included in that. Hella fucking cheesy, and so damn corny. He loved it thought and that like most things was what was important. We didn’t work out. But this is still a great song. I just want to have somebody else play the male lead the next time.

Other Songs to check out by Alicia Keys:

Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart     Fallin’     A Woman’s Worth

 Girl On Fire   If I Ain’t Got You


Purchase music mentioned here:

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Video of the Day – Alicia Keys

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