Pandora has an alarm clock

The other day at work while working away and mind my own damn business. My alarm clock went off. I fervently grabbed for it to turn off my station at the moment. Hit’s from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. I think the Temptations started playing. While I have been using this as my primary alarm clock for quite a while. I do have my bedside backup. I highly recommend that you do. My has not gone off quite a few times. I found out recently that not many people know that the free Pandora app allows for you to use an alarm clock or sleep mode. I included screen show from my phone on how to get to it and you can wake up to any of your saved playlists. Including the thumbprint station.

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The Thumbprint station if you haven’t heard about it is also in the free app and its a compiled list of all the songs you have thumbs upped on Pandora since you’ve had the account. Which is great for reminiscing and remembering all the cringe songs you thought were amazing (solider boy anybody). Or oldies you forgot about.



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