Last month I mentioned that I would be making a conscious decision to move around more and not sit all day.  Since that time I started using couch to 5k again. From the beginning. I also eat a lot better than I have been. Though i did treat myself because I’m not a robot. I started drinking water again after my last water container had a man down. So I’ve been carrying around this water container my mom let me have. I put a cap full of apple cider vinegar in my water along with lemon.


Here are my current body stats. Along with what I started with:

Neck 13.0 13.0
Shoulder: 48.5 48.0
Chest: 43.5 42.5
Waist: 36.5 36.0
Left Arm: 16.5 16.25
Right Arm: 16.5 16.5
Hips: 49.5 49.25
Left Thigh: 29.5 27.5
Right Thigh: 29.0 27.0
Left Calf: 18.0 17.5
Right Calf: 18.5 17.5
Weight: 227.6 221.4
Total Inches: 0.0 8.1
Total Weight: 0.0 6.2

Getting My Fat Ass Together 2nd Month

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