Strong Woman Do Bong Soon |Ep. 7



Park Bo Young as Do Bong Soon
Park Hyung as Ahn Min Hyuk
Kim Ji Soo as In Gook Du

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So the last episode ended with Min Hyuk being awaken by what looks like killers.  But the next episode doesn’t start out that way. It starts out like a fairy tale with Bong Soon as Juliet and Min Hyuk and Romeo. The are alone together in a ball room looking dreamily into each other eyes. When he dips her and moves in for the kiss. But that doesn’t happen and he ends up running out after probably all his feet being broken.  Cut to Bong Soon waking up int he middle of the night from what started out as a great dream.  She goes into the kitchen to get something to drink and one of the killers tries to hit her with a frying pan.

Then we cut to Min Hyuk waking up with a knife to his neck. But the culprit gets distracted when he hears the commotion in the kitchen and Min Min is able to use some moves on him. Disarming him of the knife. Bong Soon comes to the rescue like Rapunzel in tangled and finishes him out with a frying pan.

We find out that it’s dorky gang leader who has orchestrated the whole thing and it was suppose to be a kidnapping. Which he doesn’t know was very unsuccessful.  After making a announcement at his father’s companies board meeting. Min Hyuk has a visit from the Gangster who gives him a some audio files to who the mystery sibling is trying to scare him out of taking over their father’s company. Low and behold it’s the brother that he least suspected. The one who actually protected him and played with him while the other two bullied him .While they were growing up. That’s a hard pill to swallow. It made me tear up a little watching him cry.

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After wallowing for a bit Min Hyuk gets pulled out of his depression by Bong Soon who takes him to the amusement park to get him of of his funk. While resistant at first he slowly starts to come around. Him on the ship ride…hilarious. Plus, they both looked so cute with their animal ears walking together. After taking a bus ride together back home. Min Hyuk finally reveals to Bong Soon about the bus incident that he was a part of.

The cops along with Gook Du find out that the lame kidnapper has struck again. Now that we know who he is they have no problem showing his face.

2017-04-20 (145)

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The fickle girl that Gook Du was dating makes her feeling know to Bong’s brother Bong Ki and he isn’t that keen on the idea. Especially when he knows she’s his best friends girlfriend. Bong Soon steps in and lets them both have it for even entertaining the thought. (that’s my girl) . After visiting with her brother she goes to check on her friend and guess who happens to show up to finish his kidnapping. That’s right Big Chin psycho dude. Of course he gets away.

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The episode ends with the gang member from the first episode who got his ass whooped. After finally being discharged from the hospital he tries to seek revenge and just like the first time he tried to step to Bong Soon.

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After taking a break from this show because I quickly power watched it while the episode were still being released. After getting back into watching in I’m still excited to finish watching the episodes again. I can still see the chemistry between the two leads and I still ship them. Even though Bo Young has shot down all the rumors about her and Park Hyung.

This episode was great and we learn more about Bong’s grand mother who we seen last episode still has all her strength. The motive of the kidnapper is revealed. However strange and twisted it is. Make sure to check out my past posts and keep and eye out for new upcoming recap posts every Tuesday.




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