Park Bo Young as Do Bong Soon
Park Hyung as Ahn Min Hyuk
Kim Ji Soo as In Gook Du

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We ended the last episode with doofus gang leader (Kim Kang Bok)  trying to seek his revenge. But, just getting beat down by Gook Du. Min Hyuk was also about to save the day. He ended up watching safely from a distance. I think this might give Gook Du some indication that Bong might be tougher than he thinks. Because that shove though! After watching the unsuccessful Kim Kang Bok get carted off by Gook Du. Mik Hyuk and Bong Soon walk and discuss if he’s really going to help her achieve her dream of becoming a video game designer. A quick argument and we find out she won’t be going to the team as quickly thinks. He gives her some words of encouragement. Then includes she just needs to learn a little bit more about game design. I personally think he just wants to look at her cute face.

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On her way into work we find out that creepy kidnapper is now stalking Bong Soon. I guess her thwarting his plans is really starting to irritate him. When arriving at work there’s a surprise that includes a work station set-up with a laptop. A laptop that includes a selfie of sexy Min Hyuk as the background picture. I found it rather attractive. Bong Soon on the other hand had a slight heart attack. Not in a good way. At work a new broadcast goes out by the police telling everybody and the creeper that they are using footprints to track the killer. His motivation by his hatred of women. Which is why he has his sights set on Bong Soon.  Unlike the other women he wasn’t able to over power her. His pride was dealt a huge blow the night he tried to beat and kidnap her friend, Kyung Shim.

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The investigation team that Gook Du is on, Bong Soon and Bong’s mother’s group of friends all decide separately that they are going to find the killer. Bong steps back into the ring with Min for more training to prepare herself for the inevitable big fight. After a cute montage of Bong getting ready and Min trying not to act like he’s not already in love with her. Later on her way home she gets a call from fan club who ran into the neighborhood protection. The high schoolers (news flash) get beat up. When she arrives and get disrespected they find out the hard way why they shouldn’t have spit on her shoes, and try to punch her. Along with messing wither her buddies.

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Gook Du meets up with his girlfriend and spills the beans that he has always been in love with Bong Soon. He was just to dumb to realize it. Cut to Boss calling Bong and telling her to look like a regular human they are going to his parents house. After successfully breaking the ice with them. They share a stare in the car when he helps her with her seat-belt. They go for him to introduce her to his mother. As well as another scene where he tells her that Gook Du really does like her. But he does too.

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Finally getting fed up with his men coming back like sniveling cowards. The gang leader cooks up some scheme to voice phish Bong Soon into meeting in a warehouse were a small army of men are congregating to take down the Great Bong Soon. We all know this will end.

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Conclusion: another great episode in the books. We found out in this episode that there is in fact a love triangle but it’s not with Gook Du’s girlfriend. Because he don’t love that ho. But it of course involves our favorite strong woman. While she doesn’t thinks she very good at anything but being a pain and having super strength. She really good at making two great guys fall for her. I still ship Min Hyuk and Bong Soon since the beginning and through this rewatch, recap. The Killer also has a hidden camera in the police department and that’s why all their plans have been thwarted whenever they try to come for him.  A genius psycho is the worst. the do a good good making me despise him. I don’t think they can humanize him into someone to have sympathy for.  I can’t pick one favorite scene. What part did you enjoy the most? Who are you shipping with Bong Soon? Make sure to check out the next recap.



Strong Woman Bong Soon Ep. 8

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