Park Bo Young as Do Bong Soon
Park Hyung Sik as Ahn Min Hyuk
Kim Ji Soo as In Gook Du

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Last episode we ended with the pathetic gang boss Tak trying to take an army of mean to beat my girl Do Bong Soon (DBS) down. Which let’s be real who was really scared. My ass was not. She kicked ass when she was hiding her power. How much more prepared is she since that training started. This was the worse decision his ass made. Plus, with him tricking her to get there she already on ten. She bought to mask off and whip everybody’s ass. On Sight!! It’s about to be light weight carnage. Anyway, on ward with episode 9 High Risk Love.

When she pulled that hood up you it was go time. Three dudes two seconds I’m ready.  Ahn Min Hyuk (AMH) When he realized she was the one who saved his life that day on the bus. I  think that’s when he immediately sealed the deal and was like that’s wifey.  In Gook Du (IGD) he looked absolutely terrified.  Both of them yelling after King Kang Bok and chasing him down that scene sealed the deal for me and I was in love with Park Hyung Sik. He is sexy as fuck. Who do you think is more your type? Ahn Min Hyuk or In Gook Du? Or are you attracted to Do Bong Soon? I wanna know.

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I think she sealed the deal when she seen him that that stab for her. I mean she’s a strong woman but is she resistance to stab wounds? Does she have super healing? Either way he protected her. Besides the fact that he trained her. We seen their relationship grow. In regards to seeing her pining over someone who was in a relationship finally realizing he was always in love in with her.We didn’t get many moments that I like that made me root for the second male lead.

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I can’t believe her mom just gave DBS to AMH like here have her. I’m sorry but i did not find the killer to be attractive at all. IGD finally piecing together who the culprit is and he’s snooping down the road. But he didn’t snoop hard enough. Or maybe he was saving himself from being murdered or kidnapped too. Anyway the  episode ends with DBS confirming that the owner of the junk yard is in fact the killer.

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Overall another pretty good episode. I liked the will they won’t the ytension moments between AMH and DBS. I didn’t really care to see IGD feeling jealous. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to see IGD’s ex girlfriend because I didn’t care for her. But now she’s become a plot device and helped with moving the story along. I thought it was hilarious watching I really can’t stand how  cocky this killer is. Long Jaw Lame Face. That’s his identifier. I also like watching Boss Tak get his ass beat by AMH’s dad. What did you think about this episode? I think the fight scene and hosptial scenes with AMH and DBS, Be sure to check out my next recap of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon



Strong Woman DBS | EP. 9

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