My angsty teen music years was full of Garbage. Shirley Mason made it cool to wear basically over exaggerated grungy smokey eye. Plus her 60’s mode style was an excellent compliments.  I love her fashion style and seeing how it evolved after she changed from being and dark crooning red head to a bad ass blond. She is so  cool to me. Probably because she was fashionable and confident. Two things I definitely lacked back then. Mostly because she had a great I don’t give a fuck attitude. Garbage made some stupendous music. What’s your favorite song? Check out these other songs.

as always links for all music mention will be linked below.

Only Happy When It Rains  Stupid Girl  I Think I’m Paranoid   Push It   #1 Crush   Special   When I Grow Up   Milk

Video of the Day: Garbage – Cherry Lips

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