Park Bo Young as Do Bong Soon

Park Hyung Sik as Ahn Min Hyuk

Kim Ji Soo as In Gook Du

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We ended the last episode with a love cliff hanger. AMH has told his true feelings to DBS. I don’t think she will reject him. I think is was more in shock and anything. She could barely proccess her feelings before her mom barged in. SO ANNOYING!! But she’s a determined lady. I’ll give her that. After watching the scene after that I understand why she’s so confused. How are they both going to ask her out on a date and make her more muddled. I don’t blame her for not answering.  But, you already know who I would have picked! AHM

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Do Bong Soon’s nemesis is at it again. Trying to bully her into doing some petty manual labor. To bad he doesn’t know who he’s fucksin with. Him throwing those papers everywhere and was screeching like a banshee. I was done. Don’t get made when your petty moves backfires.

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Girl is have halluications of cutie Ah Min Hyuk and when he grabbed her hand to go eat. That whole scene when they had lunch was hilarious that banshee ass screaming heffer was too much. I can’t stand him but I love him. All his characters are so extra!

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IGD went and bought jewerly for DBS and was about to confess when that  asshole Kang Jang Hyuk thought it would be a good idea to target IGD’s ex. After telling Do Bong Soon that he wanted to meet her. He of course stands her up. Because he’s gotta go do his job. But a quick text wouldn’t have killed him. Doing that caused her and Ahn Min Hyuk to share an embrace. When she said I’m different can you really love me. I think that’s when IGD small glimmer of hope vanished like Iggy Azelia’s career. Because I think that’s what initally stopped her from revealing her feelings to In Gook Du. After AMH said he could lover her just the way she is, they went out on a proper date.

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IGD did eventually try to call and get in touch with her. But, that call got rejected!!! Two second text bro could have changed everything. What he said to her in earlier episodes about their timing is always off. This whole situation was a prime example. Later, he did stop by her house to tell her in person that he had feelings for her. Way to late now.

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When are they going to fine the  camera a all these other shit this prick has hidden to do surveillance on everyone.  He totally makes them look like idiots again and Do Bong Soon’s bestie actually got kidnapped.

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Again like other episodes I really enjoyed this one because we seen the relationship and Do Bong Soon’s feelings shift to somebody who wasn’t just treating her like an annoying little sister. I was really annoyed that POS got away with another kidnapping. Here he goes again making everyone look like idiots. But I know he’s going to get caught and I can’t wait for his comeuppance. What was your favorite part of this episode? Make sure to check out my other recaps for Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and keep and eye out for the rest of the recaps.




Strong Woman Do Bong Soon | Ep.11

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