If you have been keeping up with my blog, you may have noticed that this month I have not posted a weight loss post. It’s because I done fucked up. This whole damn month actually. I haven’t weighted myself or eaten healthy this whole month. Last month my weight was

Aug Weight

Sept’s numbers


I haven’t even weighed myself because I’m scared of what the scale will say. I didn’t run this whole month since I fell earlier in the month I didn’t work out, and got lazy again. When I think back to the face that I was in the military and was in fantastic shape. I wonder what happened to myself. Ever since I had that surgery I haven’t been able to keep my motivation to be healthy. I called of work the day I wrote this because I also not happy with my life right now. It just not how I thought it would be. I think I had to much placed on me finding a decent job. I had an interview for a different department. But, I haven’t heard about it. So, I’m 99% sure I don’t have it. That’s not making me any more motivated. But This week. I’ve actually been doing a lot better.  How are you doing on your heath goals? Better than me I hope. I’ll be posting twice this month about this because… i have to after this fuck up. Just know I basically gained back 4 pounds. Gross, but whatever.



The Slip-up | Healthy Journey

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