I was reading an article that one of my friends posted on Facebook and it spoke about people having three great loves in their lives. While, I had head this before. I had pushed it to the back on my mind. Mostly because I had more important things to worry about.  Trying to find love wasn’t one of them. But, after having most of the pressure I had on myself starting to slowly disappear. I’m opening myself back up to the possibility of dating. I’m not someone who would try to peruse someone while my life is in what I believe is shambles. I’ve always believed in working on yourself first; before trying to add someone to your life.

Back to the three great loves. I think that this is something that I can believe in. My first love is where I did everything that I thought was right when in a relationship. I learned a about what I wanted in my next lover and things that I should be weary of. I also learned that I shouldn’t wrap my entire life into one person. Yeah I was that person who abandoned friends and family when I was in love. Nobody could tell me anything. Until I experienced it first hand.

My second love, is the one where I found out that love can be passionate, yet painful. I fell in love with someone who said one thing. But, their actions said something else.  It was an addictive love that kept drawing us back to each other. Doing things I would never do if I wasn’t drunk in love. This love unlike the first was the one that I learned really hard lessons about love. This one is the one that really left scars and trepidation for any future romance.

The third love they say is the one that’s unexpected. That makes all the other loves pale in comparison. While I’m pretty content with being single and won’t thoroughly go searching for love. I will make myself more available for opportunities to come up. Basically I’m not going to force anything. If it happens, it happens.

How do you feel about this concept of love? Did it take you three tries to find your’s? Do you think it’s just a bunch of bullshit?

Three Great Loves?

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