Strong Woman Do Bong Soon – Ep 13


Park Bo Young as Do Bong Soon

Park Hyung Sik as Ahn Min Hyuk

Kim Ji Soo as In Gook Du

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We last left off with Bong Soon crying asking for help from Min Min. While he’s comforting her you can tell his already calculating out a plan to help. He’s so sexy man.

IGD is at the station figuring out that the killer is targeting Bong Soon.

Min Min puts a low jack on Boon Boon and takes her back home. We also see where Kim Jang Huyn has Kyung Shim in his din or horrors. Bong Soon watches the video and figures out that the lair is at the junkyard. Min Hyuk looks like he’s on the computer figuring out the the layout of the junkyard. Which looks to include a viewing of the whole structure which also seems to include the lair.

The fake monk is the worst. It’s so funny piggy is getting scammed by him.

DBS totally blows off her meeting to introduce her new game. Since she knows where her friend is. Good thing Min Hyuk has her on GPS status. So fucking wrong but so needed for the plot I suppose. Boon Boon busts into the place and saves the girls all by herself. Only to find out that the asshole ran off with her friend and told the drug fien henchmen to blow the whole junkyard up!!!! The girls are all trapped the in underground lair when IDG shows up. Right after he new boyfriend shows up disappointed she risked her life and didn’t tell him. But he’s even more upset that she still didn’t get to save her friend.

The news is having a field day with all the victims being kidnapped. Bong Soon finally show the video to Gook Du and he’s of course upset she didn’t tell him. Especially after he just found out that the killer is targeting her.

After seeing Bong and Gook together Min Hyuk’s emotions get the better of him and he lays everything out for Bong soon in the form of telling her he is in love with her. Bong doesn’t say anything and just cries.

IGD’s boss finds out about DBS power and Gook asks for a closed case so that everything about Bong Soon will be kept quiet. Boong Soon ends up getting a call from the kidnapper and he wants to meet her somewhere later that day.  After he tell her that he wants to marry her because she stopped him from having that ability.

DBS takes the day off and Min Hyuk worries about her the whole day and battles against giving her a call. While he doesn’t call Gook Du does and he call is immediately rejected.

The killer later texts the address where he wants to meet. He ties her friend to and elevator shaft and tries to squish her. knowing Bong will run over to save her. She using her powers to push the elevator away. Not know that the killer has tied someone up and put his get up on him. That hideous mask. He mad her use her powers on an innocent person and now your girl done lost her POWERS!! He starts to grab boon by the collar but Min Min shows up to save the day. But the show ends with Bong Soon passing out. We aren’t sure if she becomes so weak she could possible die.


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