Another Step Towards Minimalism

Every since I did my last big purge of things I didn’t really need and had just acquired. I’ve slowly been not giving a fuck about keeping up with people and having the newest shiniest new things. I’ve kinda over being a keeping up with the Jones’s consumerist. I don’t judge other who are. But I don’t want to be a part of that rat race. I like getting sad when something I’ve had for a long time finally stops working and I get to look for a replacement and seeing how much more awesome things have gotten since I had the product.

Since I’ve been going even more towards this minimalist way of thinking. I thinking out going through another purge. Especially since it’s a new year. I just got done throwing out a bunch of old makeup that needed to go and it felt great. It gave me the chance to repurchase some things I didn’t have anymore. Which make me excited. Not just going through the motions and just spending to spend.

I got rid of a lot of clothes but I wanna get rid of even more. Will I document it like I did that last time….. BISH of course! Just get ready for a plethora of pictures. 30 day purge commencing in a week.

Do you wanna go in the fun or getting rid of shit you don’t need or use? check out my previous posts on how to do the 30 day challenge.



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