image via giphy

Oh eyeshadow that sparkles like stars in the sky.

How I love to pat you on my eye

Your kaleidoscope of color make my heart go pitter-pat

My mind runs with creativity while I ponder new and different looks

Why do you mesmerize and transform me

My spending my may never cease

Oh my collection will never be complete

Low scale and high scale

I have to own them all

New colors and formulas you always put on a show

Eyeshadow oh eyeshadow you come in so many different types.

Sometimes I can’t remember and purchase what I already got.

I wrote this when I was first getting into blogging and recently found it. I make a few tweaks and thought I would post it. I still love my eyeshadow but I have calmed down on buying every palette that has a great color story. I’m actually using up what I have first before I purchase more and actually got rid of quite a few things this past year. Not just old eyeshadow.

I recently just found my makeup in the packed away things and I’m excited to start wearing makeup again after I my eye exam next week. Trust your girl is blind as hell.

image via giphy – actually footage of me trying to put on makeup with no glasses/contacts


An Ode to Eyeshadow

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