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“Dare me?”

“Yeah, I triple dog dare you now!”

“Really, how old are we 5?”

“Maybe, do it you chicken shit,”

“Do what? What do you dare me to do?”

“Take a chance,”

“On what?”

“On anything really,”

“A new hairstyle, a new love, a new career, literally anything”

“Anything other than what you’re doing now?

“I’ll think about it”

“Isn’t that how you ended up like this in the first place,”

“Thinking with no actions hasn’t gotten you very far”

“Might want to change that thinking into actually actions now,”

“Alright, alright,”

“It won’t happen in one day,”

“I’ll start taking steps to do these things that I dream I can do,”

“Good, I know you can do it,”


“I Dare You,”

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